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Monday, June 18, 2007

Let the conspiracy theories begin:

"It's not just this calendar feature that they are doing that with, Facebook is funded by the US government and is used for collecting data to research things such as what the most popular hang out spot is for students from a specific high school, or what hobbies and interests people have and whatnot, and also, all of your info is for sale on here, phone number, pictures, address, everything."

For a slightly happier less paranoid pop-culture view of facebook, listen to DNTO's podcast this week-really funny! Canada has the largest number of crackbookers of any country outside of the US, which is pretty amazing-there aren't that many of us!

Anyway, happy (grand)father's day! got up early this morning and tried calling home, but didn't get too far with that, so briefly considered going to the gym, but wouldn't have had enough time to do that before teaching, so called and chatted with Navina which was great, although I'm sure she's dead bored with my nattering on!

Headed to teach--mostly changing jenglish questions into real english, and then headed off to work (yay!) for a day of tying up lose ends with the july 6 weekender. Helen and I also had a long lunch meeting and worked out everything that was going to have to happen while she's away... Left around seven and came home via the store to get supplies for a stir-fry which turned out pretty well... I hope i didn't traumatize too many people with my off-key rendition of india.arie on my way home from the station!

Peter and Hitomi and I were watchting the OC, but I fell completely asleep during the show, so I think it's time to head to bed!!

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