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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Went to the gym this morning and the to work which was good today--it didn't feel too crazy, which is good, but probably will come back to bite me next week! Also sent Weekender to print-the color proof looked good, I think.

Actually, everything is coming together pretty well I think, it's only scary when I start figuring out exactly how much needs to get done each day! Luckily, everyone is working super hard to make sure we are ready to go, and I'm sure we will be totally fine!

After work, I got to go to Sin Den today for a hair cut which was great-so relaxing I just about nodded off at the lengthy hair drying stage of the event... They have a new building (moved in this week), which is very cool! It was designed by KDA, and its black with an amazing white line drawing all over it.

I wanted something easy to take care of, not too much shorter, but different, and I got all of the above-it was great! Risa only took about 2 inches off the end, so its just past my shoulders, but there are a lot more layers now, and its a lot lighter all around-there was a looot of hair taken off! Great for the summer, which is FREAKING hot and humid already!

Meanwhile, Marie, lucky girl, is at the world premier of Harry Potter, to review for weekender. Can't wait to hear how it went!! Fun times at CPI tonight! :)

Came home around 9, took V to the combeni to get "I'M HOT!" supplies, including cold drinks and icecream, and then came back to make curry for dinner. I'm just watching Kate and Leopold on TV, and enjoying the air conditioning on the couch--I really need to get the air con in my room sorted!

Anyway, that's about it!


Anonymous said...

Curry sounds like a fine "I'm hot: type of food

jack said...

Japan summer foods I look forward to:
-Street corner mochiyaki vendors
-Street corner fruit vendors(there us to be a place in shinjuku that had the best pineapple on a stick for Y100
-Vending machines that in the winter sold hot coffee now have iced coffee
-Rooftop Beer Gardens