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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yesterday morning was basically more of the same--teaching the prenup girl, although I had time to chat with Navina for a little bit before I left which was nice... It was freaking hot yesterday as well--'feels like' 33C plus humidity when I left the house at 8:50. Lovely and sunny though-so far the rainy season has included one day of rain, on the day it 'opened' and that's it, although today is looking a little bit cloudy and overcast.

After teaching, headed to work and got onto proofing the next weekender, which is almost ready to go, a week early--five-week months are lovely! Helen was getting all organised to go as she's heading off to the UK (as I write this actually, for three weeks over there; hope she has a great trip!) Thanks to the 'net, we'll be in contact via skype just about every day, so it's not so scary (I blithely say now!)

At about 4:30 I left work to meet Helen at Gymboree in Moto Azabu so we could do the cover shot for July BAB--I didn't need to do anything, but was curious to see how it all worked and who was directing the shots and stuff, it was interesting! The space is also sooo nice! I was absolutely itching to do some backwalkovers or handstand pirouettes, or at the very least, a few cartwheels, but I managed to restrain myself!

Saw Helen off and then headed back to the office, just for a couple of hours, to work on BAB layout, and then left at about 8:30 and headed home... Basically did not much of anything and then went to bed pretty early...

For a more interesting day, go to videos two and three (below) of the Buried Life


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