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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Taught this morning (taxi guy, the same as always), and then Helen and I decided to call off the run we'd planned for the morning due to the torrential downpour, crazy thunder and ominous lightening through the city. I hid under an overhang by UNIQLO, reading a really interesting book about modern-day Geisha (and their history) that I got off the book exchange from work.

Once the rain had stopped torrentially bucketing down, I headed to Sanno Byoin to visit Peter and get some work done in the meeting room part of this digs. Wrote most of the sports section for July 6 Weekender, and compiled most of Women of the World for July BAB-just missing the slightly longer 'main' story now...

I also did a West Park Cafe run for Peter, who was on strike from the fish-related food from the hospital today...Duly fortified with a hot dog, fries, and some gumbo, he settled in to watch America's Most Wanted and other generally crappy TV, while I worked on the other side of the island, and then a bit later, Scotty and Tai came by for a visit, and it was good I could say hi and then stay out of their way in my little office, periodically snitching from the massive pile of omiyage!

After they left, Peter and I finished an episode of the OC that we started yesterday, and then, since the sun had come out (kind of) and it had turned into a lovely cool day, I went for a run with Helen along the nakameguro river, which was great! We went for about 40-minutes, and I'm glad I was persistent (ok, a bit annoying) and dragged her out, as we both enjoyed it, were pleased with how far we went without dying, and have plans to do it again once she's back from England (we'll be trotting up Mt. Fuji with no trouble!)

I walked home from Nakameguro, filling in some gaps in my geographical knowledge of Tokyo, and only took a slight detour, maybe a couple of blocks total, on my way back, which is pretty good, I think!

Watched the first two episodes of Friends (can't wait till the OC comes home so I have some other crap to mix into my 'not watching but want background noise while I work' rotation!) while working on WotW and getting ready for tomorrow, where somehow, I start two temporary jobs! It's going to be a crazy busy week, so don't expect too much in the way of blogging!

In fact, I'm off to bed now, in the hopes of getting some decent sleep before the week takes off!

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