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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well yesterday was my second-to-last day of teaching, and it went pretty well--we've finally stopped writing stuff and started practicing her presentation, so in a lot of ways, its more straight forward, and probably something I can help with more--I've done a lot of public speaking, but not so much writing of official company business plans!

After teaching, headed to work for just about noon, and worked on Weekender mostly-it was our first day with Helen out of the office, and so far, basically so good, though we'll have to see how its going the day before we send something to print! Actually, we're in really good shape (knock on wood) with this issue because of it being a long month, so hopefully we can keep up with the efficiency over the next few issues!

I stayed till about 8:30ish? And then came home, walked Venus and headed to bed (thrilling day, I know)

Today was more of the same-my last day teaching the prenup girl-I think we got her to the point of at least knowing what she needs to say, and now she needs to get in front of a mirror and practice. I told her to use a stuffed animal as an audience, and I think she thought I was an utter nutter!

Work was good today-fairly quiet, just me and Kieron in the morning (well I got there at noon, but whatever) and lunch, and then Kieron was off at the British School (actually he saw my neighbor play piano, how random!) and Emma turned up, so there were only 2-3 of us at any one time. I was working on BAB today, which seems to be coming together OK-I'm keeping up better with the layout vs. content I think, which is good, though I need to start writing my content!! (that's what the weekends are for though, right?!)

Anyway, it was a good day in that I felt as if I crossed off several things, which is always satisfying, even if non of them were super big... then at 7ish, we headed down for a drink, and as we were sitting there, a Japanese guy walked in, and Kieron was like 'I know that face, Koto made me watch a Japanese TV show and he's in it'. Turns out Kieron was right, and he's actually a big star here-Takenouchi-san.

(click the pic for more info)

He looked quite different in person, but was very quiet and unassuming, and we met him briefly-he knew some English, and was very nice! It was all a bit lost on me, as I didn't know who he was, but when I got home, I posted something about it on facebook and had a response in about 4 minutes flat from Helen, despite the miles of distance, time zones, and jet lag, so there you go!

Home at about 9, watched some TV with Peter for a bit, and am now heading for bed...knackered as usual!

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