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Sunday, June 03, 2007

So yesterday was largely dominated by the clothes swap that BAB helped run at Cozmos. It was pretty cool and we all walked out of there with a TON of clothing!! Basically, you came, paid 2500Y and then took/left whatever you wanted...

Some people just brought a couple of things, but some people brought piles and piles--several suitcases, or a couple of hockey duffel bags in one case. It was pretty amazing! There was a huge variety of clothes, some of which were REALLY nice! I ended up even getting a few things with the tags still on, although I have to say the most unusual thing was the wedding dress which changed hands! It seems amazing that you would

a) take your wedding dress to a swap
b) be looking for a dress
c) like the one that turned up (it was nice!)
d) have it fit

but, all of that happened, and the not-quite-engaged-yet girl happily took it home!

After that, I headed to the hospital, and spent the evening with Peter, trying to work out the crossword for work and watching MI5...

Home around 10, and in bed fairly early, around 12,-I'm turning into an old woman!

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