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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Well we're back in Tokyo!

Not so much to say about a day spent mostly in the air, which is good since I just want to go to bed, not spend tons of time writing, but the brief summary would go as follows:

Got up at 9ish, and Peter got up at 10ish, we finished packing and left the hotel with our copious amounts of crap at 12:00. While I was waiting for Peter to finish packing I watched an episode of Ugly Betty and quite enjoyed it - I think it might have to go on the list of things to TiVo!

We headed straight to the airport, and Peter dumped me out to check in, while he returned the rental car - I was able to check both of us in, but Peter managed to be overweight with one of his bags which was unfortunate, and shocking, given that Mom managed not to pay overweight fees on any of her bags!

Anyway, we got checked in, and even though I got selected for special screening and had to be patted down and have my luggage wiped and tested, we still had time for rather large burgers and magazine shopping before jumping on our plane. It was a very very full flight, but we got really lucky by having the middle seat between us stay available. It was a super smooth flight which was great - The Pacific was so flat that you could see the shadows of the clouds on the water, and as we flew out there was an amazing rainbow framing Waikiki - beautiful!

I dozed through the Illusionist, which looked like it might have been good except for the fact it was quiet and sepia toned, and kind of shadowy, which were not good ways to keep me awake! I did stay up to watch 'Step Up' which is a dance movie kind of along the lines of Save the Last Dance. The DVD or whatever they play off got screwed right at the end though, and we missed the last eight or so minutes, which was a bit annoying! I think you can safely assume they all lived happily ever after, so that's good.

We got to Narita about 20 minutes early, so the flight was 8.5 hours in the end, which is still a pretty long time, but we got through customs and immigration really quickly, and our only delay was in getting my backpack off (Peter figures the backpacks all get drug dog sniffed). Peter who was grabbing the backs off the carousel while I guarded the carts got a war wound in his shin when someone whacked him with their bag badly enough to draw blood!

Anyway, we got on an Airport Limousine bus again and headed to Shinjuku Eki, where Peter shoved me and allllll the bags into a taxi and then went to the office to pick up his newly re roofed car. The poor taxi driver, who had a nice, new car was less than impressed by all the crap we shoved in there I think! He was also less than impressed when Venus rushed him as he got our of the car, and she almost lost her nose as he lept back in and slammed the door after himself... Oops!

Anyway, Hitomi was home to meet us, so I filled her in on the trip for awhile before Peter came home, and we hung out for a bit. I think since its 11:30 now, I've successfully stayed up late enough to be OK as far as jet lag goes. Tomorrow is a free day, and then the next day I start getting back into teaching and stuff which is good.


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