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Monday, January 15, 2007

Poor Peter seems to have come down with a bit of a stomach bug, so he didn't go to work today, and spent all day lying around in bed, while I did an admirable job of not freaking out about the whole thing. If, however, I'm sick on Friday night and can't go to the Canadian Rock and Rule concert, he should strongly consider investing in some kind of body guard system while he sleeps! Hopefully he'll feel better soon, which I'm sure he will - these kinds of things are generally only about 48 hours long, which is handy. I still have like 92 hours to get sick, if I'm going to. Fingers crossed that I don't though - even if I would be better before Friday night, I probably shouldn't be calling in sick to my third day of work!

I left Peter sleeping in bed and biked to JRA to use the barrel. It was a sloooow trip over there, because there seems to be some kind of sidewalk sale in Setagaya on Monday's, so it was super crowded, and being on a bike was absolutely no help to me whatsoever! Once I finally got there, I went in to knock on the office door to get my armband, as usual, but this time the security guard from the booth outside chased me down, waved me out of the building and asked (well I assume that's what was going on), what I was doing there. Luckily someone nearby spoke English, so I explained that I come regularly to use the barrel, and just wanted an armband, and she told me that they are closed today and tomorrow, and to come back later in the week. The security guy waited for me to leave, so there was no sneaking back over to the barrel, which was all a bit lame - its a long trip there and back to not get to vault, but good exercise I suppose, and lovely weather, which makes it a bit better!

Back to find Peter no better, so just spent a quiet day around here - managed to actually work on some of my Japanese studying and do a couple of exercises in the Genki book, make some yummy udon and ramen noodle soup, watch some Sex and the City, etc. Peter dragged himself downstairs in the evening to watch the Apprentice: LA, and about half of Grease: You're the One that I want, before he dragged himself back up the stairs. Which is unfortunate, because I have no idea how to turn everything off without messing up TiVo so I think I'll just leave it there for him in the morning!

Weekender and teaching tomorrow, I think I might experiment with riding the bike to work, provided it isn't raining. At least that way I get some exercise even if it isn't super intense, it's certainly better than nothing! If I'm not going to get my on the subway reading time, I might end up having to start listening to audio books after all.

Anyway, that's about it for today - I'm going to get an early night's sleep and hope that I avoid whatever plague Peter's brought home to Oyama-cho! In the meantime, here are a few photos from grocery shopping at Nissin -

(the world's smallest zucchini's, hiding under their still intact (why?) flowers...there is a 100Y coin on there for scale. A 100Y coin is roughly the size of a Canadian nickel)
(but, if your zucchini is too small, don't worry, because it will make a lovely meal with your miniature quail eggs. think cadbury's Easter eggs for scale)
(add a few micro tomatoes (like the size of a well proportioned pea), and you're good to go!)
(just kind of randomly entertaining, tiny marshmallows to mix in with your yogurt...not sure what flavour the yogurt is though)
(sandwich bread, pre de-crusted for your unhealthy white-wonder bread pleasure)

Hope everyone is well!

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