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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Well I didn't quite manage to get either out of the house, or my PJs for that matter today, but it was a nice break to regroup after the trip and travel home, etc.

I woke up at eight, and then kind of dosed and/or read until 9 or 9:30ish before calling Navina to catch up properly on some cynical gossip - most definitely the best kind, I'd say! After that Peter talked to Mom, and unfortunately we got some bad news about elli-blot, stupid dog! Hopefully they find out what's wrong with him :(

Hitomi made us some yummy Macadamia nut pancakes for breakfast while we watched the OC and then gave us very generous holiday presents, (thank you!) I got an Anna Sui holiday gift pack, and also a gift card for a bookstore, which I'm excited about - there are some good foreign book sales on now :)

Ummmmm let's see, I basically unpacked and read for awhile, and also caught up on some of the backlog of emails I have before crashing in the living room for a loooong nap before waking up very groggily for dinner at around eight - Hitomi made a delicious meal of beef stew, roasted veggies and baked potatoes - delicious! We watched a documentary about Honolulu's past hundred years, and I think we might watch another OC in about an hour when it's on... Perhaps I'll finally start uploading Hawaii photos now, which would be good - I have to add photos going all the way back to Jordon's bounenkai from before we left! I think I'll just edit them into the appropriate posts, so if you want to see photos, scroll back through and check them out...

That's about it for today - not very exciting, but much needed sleeping time! Mom and Peter have also got TiVo pretty well hooked up I think, and Peter is in the process of setting up a script to automatically haul it off the TiVo at home, put it on an ftp server, and haul it back down over here, where it can be transferred into an ipod friendly format (or something along those lines, he was trying to explain it to me when I'd just woken up, and it's not simple!)

Teaching tomorrow morning and then probably more of the same (ie not much) for the rest of the week...


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