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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Once a gymnast, always a gymnast! Mom put her photos from Hawaii up on Flickr, so I'll shamelessly be stealing those to add to the blog over the next little while, but I wanted to put up this series of my being an idiot when we went to visit Chinaman's Hat (should they even be allowed to call it that?) on Oahu. It's weird how when I see a nice piece of flat, well maintained grass, my first instinct is still immediately to become upside down! I think that all those years of being in the gym for 24 hours a week (I miss the gym!!) are pretty permanently ingrained in there. I know every time I walk into VGA and smell the gym smells of mats, chalk, foam, sweat, etc. (which everyone in gymnastics loves and everyone else hates!) I'm happy, so there must be something hardwired in there! Anyway, I didn't do anything exciting, (I like my sprung floors for tumbling these days!) but it was fun!

(I stopped in the middle of a cartwheel so it wouldn't be blurry, but that's hard to do so I'm a bit leaned over! It matches the angle of the hat nicely though!)
(hard to point your toes in crocs!)
(terrible form, yikes!*legs should be straight, and my whole body should be pushed out over my shoulders more, but this way is better over the mountain I guess*)

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