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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Started my day fairly early today, teaching the 'taxi guy' as he has come to be known in Shibuya at 10, so I left at about 9:30 to bike down there - he was a little bit late because of some problem on the trains, but that's OK, he showed up in the end.. We finished just a little bit after 11, and then I came home to make some french toast for everyone. The ridiculously thick bread you can buy here for sandwiches is so perfect for diner style french toast, I'm definitely a fan!

Peter was meeting his friend in Aoyama at 1, and I was teaching at either 2 or 3, right next door (still wasn't sure at that point) so I hitched a ride and installed myself in Blenz. I ended up reading for a bit, and then my student showed up at about 2:30 - he'd wanted to do three, and I'd wanted to do 2, so we kind of ended up compromising. His English is very good, so they're enjoyable lessons - he's off to Poland on business this week, so we practiced some things like introducing his company and what they do, and how to make small talk about the country. My best advice? Make sure you tell them you're enjoying yourself, I'm guessing they aren't going to want to think you don't enjoy their country! I feel ridiculous giving him business meeting advice, but he knows that's not exactly my area of expertise - he just wants the perspective of a native speaker, and I guess I fit that bill OK.

Its funny, my last two or three students have all been interested in accents, which leads to some pooooor demonstrations on my part of a New Yawkah or Southern Belle... I'm sure they think I'm off my rocker! Also had to answer the 'what food is Canadian food?' question a couple of times... 'Ummm Maple Syrup and Tim Hortons?' Mmmm Timmies!!! Should be in the embassy I think!

I digress.

Right after we finished I jumped on a train and headed down to the Aqua Field at Shiba Koen to play futsal. Because of the lateness of the lesson, and coming from a different train station/line, I ended up a little bit lost and a little bit late, but there were tons of people, so it was OK. We ended up splitting into 4 teams of 4, roughly, and I played on the 'all Queen's team' (we were all representatives of the Commonwealth save for one American ringer). It was a fun team, not good, but low key which was nice - I'd played with two of the guys before Christmas so it was nice to see some familiar faces.

Unfortunately, my shin was really acting up at the beginning - I got some ice and that seemed to help a little bit, but it was probably pretty lucky that our team didn't play too much (winner stays on and all that), as I couldn't run for extended periods of time. I'd also like to blame my generally a bit crap play on my injury, but I think I'm going to have to be honest and say that not playing just butchers you! Not sure what happened that time before Christmas, b/c I was actually decent then, but today, yikes! Not pretty at all! Hopefully it won't take too many weeks before it comes back to me!

Anyway, came home for around 7:00, jumped in the shower and watched a Sex and the City before Peter got home.. I think we're about to watch some Ugly Betty and then just chill out and what not.. Not sure what I'm going to get up to for tomorrow, but I don't work or teach, so I should probably try and do something!

One last thing - Congratulations to Mom for her 2007 SYRCA (Saskatchewan Young Readers'
Choice Willow Awards nomination (in the diamond willow category)
for Trouble on Tarragon Island. We better get this website up and running so all her fans can flock to that! She's also been nominated for another 'block of cheese', which is slightly less exciting but will probably involve a better awards ceremony, - I have the feeling I'd enjoy it much more now than the last time we hit the M awards and I was like what, 14?

Anyway, congratulations!

ja ne,

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