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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hitomi and Peter kicked off my birthday at 12:01 this morning (last night) with a very cute sundae and candles, and some TiVo'ed Ugly Betty, which was a good start to turning 20 :).

This morning, my birthday started off fairly low key, with both Peter and Hitomi heading back to their first full days of work after the holidays. Navina called to wish me a happy birthday (thanks!) so we had a nice chat, and then I headed off to JRA to use the barrel again. It was good - nobody asked any questions about me being there or anything, I guess I looked like I belonged (well as much as I could being the gaijin in pink spandex, anyway!) They've used up some of the condensed shavings behind the barrel, so I can do a full flag, etc. now which is much better than it was before! I worked on compulsories mostly, and also some transitions and more dance type moves since I really can't do hangs or gymnastics type things on this barrel. Debbie pointed out that it's probably a good thing the surcingle is a little loose - she's worried I'd try too much and meet with a nasty fall on the hard ground below, a good point! I'm going to be getting some more exercises from her to work on too, so that should be good.

Anyway, I got home at 3:30ish, and made some lunch before taking myself out for a birthday coffee (well iced chocolate) at the Choco Cro in the eki, and then came back home and finished the book I've been reading over the last couple of days - Rachel's Holiday, by Marian Keyes. It was a good book - it's about Rachel's time in rehab and recovery from drugs and alcohol, and it's probably a fairly accurate portrayal of what that might be like, even with its 'chic lit' flare.

Peter called to tell me we were going out for dinner and to ask where I wanted to go, so I picked Fujimama's just off Omotesando because I've never been there before and I was curious about it - it was very tasty! I arrived first, and then shortly after Peter turned up, followed by Mibu, Marina, and Hitomi. We shared appetizers of cheese, corn, avocado and jalapeno quesadillas, spicy chicken spring rolls, and Cesar salad, and then I got delicious strip sirloin steak, with mashed potatoes and mushrooms. It was all very good, and the menu was pretty interesting and varied!

It was really nice to see Mibu and Marina again, it sounds like both of them had a nice break, with trips overseas for both of them sounding exciting and fun :). Marina got me a very cute and yummy smelling (lavender) eye mask in the shape of a polar bear (possibly?) from the Body Shop, and Mibu got me a great T-shirt by Gishi. It's a very cool pinky/tangerine-ish color with a big silver 'love' kanji on the front. From Peter and Hitomi, of course, was yesterday's adventure. Tonight Peter also suprised me with several photos from yesterday he'd printed on their laser printer and then had framed for me. They look great! Thank you to everyone - I love everything!

We finished off a lovely meal with a surprise dessert, which included the singing of Happy Birthday - Peter, Hitomi and I shared two pieces of cheesecake on a very nicely decorated plate. It was a great evening!

I'm very full and happy, so about to head off to bed and try and get a good night's sleep before my first day of work at Weekender tomorrow. I feel like it's my first day of school tomorrow, nervous and excited, and not quite sure what to expect! Hopefully it all goes well and there's a happy blog tomorrow!



Nikki said...

Happy Birthday, Dani! And good luck at your new job!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday, Dani!