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Friday, January 26, 2007

Slept in until 9ish and then dozed until 9:45ish when Peter left to go to a ten am meeting (which elicited a lot of whining for a meeting that was only in Harajuku!) Anyway, he wasn't gone too long, so I just had a leisurely breakfast, watched a few of the special features on Jordon's Coachella DVD and got ready to go.

Peter came home around 11:45 and we left for the office at 12:15 or so. I went with him so that I could use his mac to work on Mom's website, and also to get more work done, which let's face it, really only happens when I leave the house! The website is finally starting to come together after about 5 more hours of working on it today, I just need to pull together some content for schools and teachers and then the basic site should be good to go, not a moment too soon! The original site, circa 1998 has been built upon added to and edited to the point of resembling a bit of a shanty town. It's no one's fault really, there's just never been a full out site re do since then, and I think we all can look back at what was out there in 98, and then check out that you can do in 20 hours with Iweb (my kingdom for a MBP!!) in 2007 and figure out that a change was due... Anyway, expect an unveiling soon!

At about 4, I took a break to get some lunch, and tried to find a Subway (with no luck), when I asked someone if a Subway existed (I'm guessing arimasu ka wasn't probably the correct word but it got the point across, kind of!) the guy was like 'only JR'. I thought it meant that it was either by the station, or that you had to take the JR to another station to find a Subway... In the end, I realised (much after I'd left), that he meant there was no Subway as in Metro, only a JR station... ahhh so desu ne! Not so helpful! I ended up getting a tonkatsu (pork cutlet) bento from the 'pink bento store' (can't remember the name), which was pretty good - they cook/heat it up for you which improves things!

We left the office pretty early today, with just enough time left to get Venus some dog food before the place shut at seven, and then headed back to Nakano for some more bowling. This time, Peter and I went to the Marui (0101) department store which randomly has bowling in it! I won two out of three games plus the cumulative score, but Peter started catching up when he started using my Hello Kitty Leopard Print ball... After the bowling, we played a few games of pool and split it fairly evenly though Peter came out on top with that. As we were bowling, a group of very exuberant Japanese teenagers came in to bowl - they were the loudest kids I've seen since I've been here I think (there was definitely some pre drinking involved haha) they were having a great time, seemingly!

(what a great name for a shoe vending machine! Peter points out that in North America is more of a 'manual shoeser' system; a good point!)

(gotta love the licensed character balls! You can get all the Disney characters, Hello Kitty, and then like basketballs, pool balls, baseballs, etc.)

Its crazy how serious some of the 'ri-men' are about their bowling - playing several games on their own, etc. They have some serious style going on, and some of them are really pretty good! I haven't seen any league play like you always see in Canada, but maybe we've just not been there at the same time as them.
(those ri men need some hangers for their salary men blazers while at the bowling alley! - so well organized!)

Came home at 10ish, and since we were just after snacky food, I reconstituted some pretty dry leftover rice by frying up a couple of eggs and tomatoes and a tiny bit of mozzarella cheese with lemon pepper all together. I was guessing there was a fifty percent chance the whole mess would get scrapped, but it actually turned out pretty well, I'd certainly make/eat it again with left over rice - it was like fried rice (which shouldn't surprise me, but did), but with more egg than normal...

Just some Jon Stewart/American Idol/reading, or whatever planned for the rest of the evening, then teaching tomorrow afternoon and dinner with Sarah and her friends at Outback tomorrow night...


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Can't wait to see my new website! How exciting!