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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well, today was the first day of my internship at Weekender. I was pretty nervous about it before I started, but I actually really enjoyed it! I don't know how much I can/will write about what I'm actually doing there, but I'll summarize a bit.

The magazine is going to the printer's tomorrow, so there was the expected pre deadline chaos, and they threw me straight in, getting me to write the 'Hot off the Press' for tomorrow's edition. It took me a couple of hours to get enough information together, find photos, etc. and as I was finishing that up, Caroline and Helen took me out for a lovely first day lunch at a curry restaurant next door. I'm glad I went for the one chili pepper green curry - the other curries had multiple red peppers beside them, but this one was just hot enough thanks!

Back at the office, I helped turn a press release into a shorter article for the kids section, wrote another short what's on type article for the same section, and looked over another article, again for the kid's section. I also picked some possible photos for it, while starting to learn how everything works there. I got my new work email, and a signature to go with it - I'm an editorial assistant apperantly, sounds very official!

I'll be working three days a week, from 10-4, which is great, it should be plenty of hours to get a good feel for what it's all about, but will still leave me time to teach and do lots of other stuff around town. Everyone that I met today was very nice - almost all from the UK except for myself and like one or two other people...

I left at about 4:30 and headed home via a short walk about Roppongi Hills. Back here, I read the new Being a Broad magazine, and then started watching some Sex and the City. Apperantly I dosed off, and was awoken by Peter calling to see what was up with dinner. I doctored some frozen pizzas we've had for awhile, and we watched the new CBC show 'Little Mosque on the Prarie', which was OK, and an episode of Gilmore Girls, which frankly wasn't great, this new season with the new writer's definitley isn't as good! I'm about to go crash into bed now, and probably read a few pages of the new thriller about the Knights Templar I'm reading (The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury), which is great - he's a writer on the show MI-5, and he can certainly tell a good story!

More internshipping tomorrow, and also teaching until 7...After the excitement of the early stages of the week, there are a quiet couple of days coming up I think, we'll have to see what comes up for the blog!


Oh yea - the new iphone looks VERY cool, imo. I'm kind of wondering how well the touch screen format is going to work out, especially for those with more generously proportioned digits, but it looks pretty nice, especially for the North American markets, where that phone, compared to the phone I had before I came over here really can't even be compared to each other. It's going to be awhile before it's released properly I think - they don't have their permits all in a row or anything, but the stuff they have posted on their website looks lovely and appley - v. sleek!

The itv on the otherhand - not so exciting, but maybe they'll add some features or something, it's really just making it easier for people to use their TVs as a second monitor like we do to watch stuff off a laptop...

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