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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The theme of the day today, unfortunately, seems to have been food! I safely don't need to eat at all for about a week, and its lucky I'm hopefully playing soccer tomorrow is all I can say! It was totally delicious though, all through the day haha

Anyway, I slept waaaay in this morning till about 11:30, which is later than I've slept for ages! I just had time to get organized before walking down to Shibuya to teach at 1, which was fine, this is the guy that I've been teaching for awhile (he was my first student), so we know what's going on or whatever, nothing too exciting is ever covered, but it's getting easier to keep the conversation moving which is good...

Called Peter after my lesson, and we decided to meet up at Suji's for brunch (that restaurant which opened on Wednesday by work), so I walked from Shibuya to there, which took about an hour (which is good, now I know it would take 1.5 hours to walk to or from's a bit nuts that I'd actually consider that, but I love roaming around here on foot or by bike, its good fun and there's always something to look at!) Anyway, the walk was nice, it was such a gorgeous day today, I was walking around in a t shirt and not cold at all! The only bad part was wearing my big winter boots, which apparently I can't walk in for any length of time (especially not quickly or up and down hills seemingly) - my shin is a total mess now! (I think its because the boots are heavy, and the extra effort required to lift up my foot is too much strain on my ridiculously screwed muscle) Hopefully it gets itself back together for soccer tomorrow, I can't deal with it being injured and me not even have been working out in the process, ridiculous!

Anyway, Hitomi, Peter and I eventually congregated at Suji's for brunch, and it was really good - I had eggs with homemade sausages that were soooo good, kind of spicy and v. yummy, and then home fries which were good too - actual chunks of potato involved. The whole thing was very North American, which I guess is what they're going for with the NYC style theme...Everyone there is so friendly - Jason recognized me again, and I recognized most of the people from the opening party - I get the feeling it wouldn't be long before one became a proper regular in there!

We moved on from there and headed down to Omotesando Hills to check out a Windows Vista display they were supposed to be having - we ended up seeing an opera signer preform in honor of Vista (or something like that, it was a bit weird!) we stayed for one song and then walked to the Docomo store so Peter could get a new battery for his phone... I still have no idea what the new Vista looks like or how it's going to be to use, but I can't see that getting everyone who has XP to switch their OS is going to be any sort of an easy task!

After the battery procument Hitomi introduced me to the delicious wonder of crepes from the crepe stand on Meiji Dori... Custard whipped cream, strawberries and mille feuille, sooooooooo amazingly good! I kind of wish I'd never tried it now haha, they're going to be hard to pass in the future!

By this point, it was only about an hour until I was due to meet Sarah and her friends at Hatchiko, so instead of going home and leaving again almost straight away I walked to Shibuya, and had a coffee and read for a bit and then met them at 8:45. Sarah, Leslie (who came to Roppongi with us that time before Thanksgiving), and their other friend from Waseda (Ginger) and I went to Outback Steakhouse which was sooo good! It's going to be pretty entertaining when I meet all their guy friends that they were gossiping about as I try and put the correct story together with the correct guy; great fun!

We finished up at about 11:30 and I walked home, which has to be just about my favourite thing (competing with many!) about living in Japan, the fact that it really wasn't stupid for me to walk through part of Shibuya and then home, alone, at 11:30 pm. Yea, I didn't listen to my ipod so I was more aware of what was going on, and yea, I crossed the street instead of walking through the big group of guys standing outside a club, but it wasn't like I felt nervous or anything... totally great! I'm going to really miss that when I go back to BC!

Anyway, we're just about to watch the OC now (I think its the season 1 finale!), and then tomorrow I teach twice and hopefully will be playing soccer (I have a possible conflict that I'm trying to change with teaching) b/c that was great fun last time I got to play, way back before Christmas!

ja ne,

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