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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Up fairly early this morning, with the plan being to teach at one place in Shibuya from 10:30-12:30, and then another place from 1:00-2:00. A good plan, except the first guy was a total no show, which was very annoying, especially since because I'd so cunningly scheduled my second lesson for 1, I couldn't really go home, since I'd have to turn around pretty quickly and come back anyway. Since I (luckily!) had my The Last Templar book with me, I read that at cafe A for about an hour, and then finally completely gave up on the guy I was supposed to teach (who didn't phone me, pick up his phone, or email me, so that was a bit annoying!).

When it finally became clear that I could nurse my tea no longer, I gave up and walked around Shibuya for awhile, stroking stuff in the apple store, - I can't wait until they have a demo iphone to play with somewhere! I also went to check out the magazines in Tower Records (for some reason, Wallpaper is actually cheaper here than in Canada, even though most magazines are WAY marked up), and generally wasted time poking around before meeting my other student in cafe B, at one, as planned, and having that lesson, which all went fine and as normal. He was telling me that Japanese TV doesn't really have sit-coms, talk shows, or reality TV like survivor. I was thinking about that, can you imagine what American TV would look like without Oprah, Letterman, Leno, John Stewart, Friends, Seinfeld, Survivor, ANTM, Amazing Race, etc.? That's a pretty huge chunk of the North American TV landscape not in existence!

Anyway, home by about 2:30 - biking home, I was listening to an 'All in the Mind' podcast, which is produced by Public Radio International/Australian Broadcasting Corp. and always focuses on pyschological/brain issues, very interesting! Today they were actually listening into brain surgery, and having the different members of the OR team comment as they did the surgery (personally, if it was me under the knife, I'd rather they concentrated on the surgery, but that's just me!) I have to say, the sound of a drill going through someones skull is rather disturbing to say the least!

We spent the afternoon hanging out at home, and then went out in the early evening to do some foreign food shopping at Nissin, where you can buy Canadian bacon, bread flown in from California, and off brand German frosted flakes, or, if you want to be more exotic, quail eggs, which are very small, and very cheap! We loaded up on some random international foods, and then headed to Nathan's Hot dogs for a quick bite to eat. They have delicious fries there, although Peter's looked v. scary with that movie nacho cheese stuff all over them!

After that, we headed around the corner to Roppongi Hills to see 'My Date with Drew', a movie I've been wanting to see since I first heard about it in December. This was a great movie! Definitely go and see it if is open in your city - it is sooo cute, and you totally get behind the guy. Basically, it's a documentary about a guy who wins $1100 in a game show, and decides to use the money to make a movie about his goal to get a date with Drew Barrymore in 30 days. They have to do it in that time period, because the camera they're shooting the movie with was bought at Circuit City, and they need to take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee, or someones credit card company is going to be angry!

It's a great movie, as they're a great group of guys trying to pull it off. They manage to do it without being too stalkerish, and without saying too much, it has a very happy ending. Check it out! One of the things they use is the whole thing about 'six degrees of separation'. I've always wondered how I'd get to Oprah Winfrey, so if anyone can get me one degree closer, post a comment and maybe we can do it! If we're going by knowing a person who has spoken to the person 'X', I can get to Donald Trump and Bill Gates in 2 each, which is actually pretty cool! So help me out with Oprah, and I will be a happy girl indeed :)

Go, follow your dreams!


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