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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well today was definitely more productive than yesterday! (not hard, but still!) I think a combi of jet lag and over napping yesterday caught up with me last night, since I was up for awhile at 5:30, and then wide awake enough to jump out of bed at 7. Luckily, I was teaching anyway at 10, so since I had to leave at 9 to walk to Shibuya, it wasn't so bad... It was weird walking through Shibuya, a combination of it still being the New Years holiday and also me being down there just after nine meant that it was actually pretty empty. Areas of sidewalk usually 10-12 people abreast were basically deserted, which seemed very bizarre indeed. It got busier later on which was oddly reassuring.

Had a new student today, it went well - have another one on Sunday which is good, slowly starting to get into the swing of things I guess. Taught until 12:30 (we started a bit late, and then went for two hours instead of one!) and then walked home, swinging past the Logos Foreign Book sale on my way. Tomorrow I'm going to check out the big ABC foreign book sale which starts tomorrow and goes till the 7th.

After I got back, at about 1:30, we had some lunch, and then before she left, Hitomi came with me to get tickets for the 'Canadian Rock and Rule' Concert that Jordon and I are going to later this month. I'm pretty excited about it - Bedouin Soundclash, The New Pornographers, Amy Millan, and Jason Collett are all playing! Tickets are being sold at Lawson of all places (convenience store), which is a great idea actually, very convenient as there is one on practically every corner, and they don't tack on all the $ Ticketmaster annoyingly does for miscellaneous charges.

I had the ticket number with me (that you punch into the machine to get a recipt for the tickets that you want that you then pay for at the counter), but it was lucky Hitomi was there - the whole process was a bit more complicated than I would have anticipated, and included needing to enter my name in katakana, which would have taken me quite some time to pick out (I really need to memorize that, at least, although my reading of katakana is slowly improving finally!)

After that, Hitomi went home, and Peter and I ventured out to Costco (again with the empty roads, weird!). I seem to have accumulated a vast quantity and variety of frozen and refrigerated noodles of various sorts (all Japanese though), so it should be interesting to try them all. How far wrong can you possibly go with noodles though? We managed to get out of there without buying another large inflatable object, though it was touch and go with a pool/ping pong table for awhile. In the end, the idea of having an (albeit underused) dining room won out, so for now there's no games room, but I think, given time, it might happen.

Came home to unpack and cram in all the food, etc. Venus ran into the neighbours house to cause all sorts of trouble (she always steals the neighbour's dog's toys from the porch as well, silly girl!). We'd eaten at Costco, including some 'funyions' Peter made me try, which weren't all terrible as he made them out to be, they're like sour cream and onion chip topping on soft cheesies... or something. Peter watched a TiVo'd hockey game (the system gets more complex by the minute, I think his mac is VNC'ing the laptop across the room to change channels on the sling box, which is in turn either hauling the shows off the TiVo in Victoria via an IR blaster, or VNC'ing stored shows off my old PC which has been set up as a TV hub of sorts (as far as I understand it all), in the office in Victoria. I bet our house in Victoria shows up as some kind of pulsating light on the Shaw packets grid!

Speaking of Wellsview, too bad about all the rain! I hear that since the beginning of January, Victoria has gotten the usual monthly average for all of January. Given how WET BC is, that is a LOT of rain! Hope no one floats away over there! It was gorgeous and sunny here today :p.

Still very slowly working on sorting through photos... Tomorrow maybe... I'll get the highlights up soon!


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