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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Second day of my internship today, and I enjoyed it as much as yesterday, which is great! (Actually, probably a little bit more since I wasn't as nervous so I didn't wake up constantly the night before, much better!)

Poor Helen had to pull an all nighter last night getting the next issue out, so she was just finishing that up when I got in this morning, and didn't have anything pressing for me to do, so I got put to work inputting clients into a new database they're building - basically sorting through paper notes and creating an excel spreadsheet. Some of the notes based on calls made to the (ad) clients were eerily similar to the notes I used to code at ISR - how glad am I that I'm not the one making those calls!

I only did that for about an hour, as I got to sit in on a meeting to discuss how to restructure the fairly new (in this reincarnation anyway) Being a Broad magazine, which is a monthly magazine off shooting from, and complimenting Caroline's book Being a Broad in Japan. I mostly listened to what was going on, though one of my column suggestions did make it into the lineup, so that's kind of cool :)

We broke for lunch after deciding on the general topics for each page, and Caroline, Kieron, Jen, myself, and Karen (just popping in while on maternity leave with her four week old cutie named Luke) went for lunch at Zest which was very tasty! We came back to the office and had part two of the BAB meeting - this time deciding on specific topics for the next three upcoming issues. Again, I mostly listened, but a couple of my suggestions got slotted onto the board, and I also got a couple of assignments, all very cool!

Finished up the day by starting to create a master calendar/database of all the events which get sent to us so that when we need to do a Hot off the Press, or what's on, or whatever, it should be easy for whomever is writing it to find what's coming up relevant to that issue. It's great, because I'll get to see all the good stuff going on, and fit as much of it in to my schedule as possible!

I stayed a bit late again, till 4:45, and then I had to go so I'd have time to eat and have a quick break before teaching. This is definitely the first job where I've not been counting the seconds till I could leave, so I hope it stays this way! Everyone at the office seems happy and friendly, so I think that overall they probably enjoy their work which is a good sign for things to come!

I headed off to Roppongi Hills to eat my packed lunch as an afternoon snack, and then taught the two kids I'd started teaching before Hawaii from 5:30-7:00. They've just started back at school, so didn't have much homework, so we read a couple of the books I brought home from Canada via the cruise, and wrote another story together.

Back home now, Peter is out for the evening, so I'm just about to go cook some sort of frozen noodle (I certainly have enough!!) and probably chill with Venus, and either my book, or Sex and the City. Tomorrow, I think I might try and go to JRA again, and then I have a new student in the evening. I should really fit in some nihongo studying too! I'm starting to slowly catch snatches of conversation (and by snatches I really mean just two or three words), or understand bits of conversations where I already know the context, but it's progress I guess!

I hear my noodles and sex and the city calling my name!



Anonymous said...

need Weekender pics.

Anonymous said...

ummmm of what? i'm not posting office pics if that's what you want... you can look at to check out the company and magazine...