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Monday, January 22, 2007

Not so much to report for today, slept in (!) till about ten, and we just slowly got organized to go before leaving at about one. I manged to finish and submit the diamond article and submitted it this morning before we left - it turned out to be 801 words (supposed to be 800), so I thought that was nice and precise :)

I went to the office with Peter today, because Sarah and I were having coffee after she finished work at five. I decided to just go with him early so that I could use his computer to work on Mom's website, so I spent a couple of hours doing that - it's a pretty big project with so many books, but its slowly starting to come together. I love iweb, its so easy to use, but it doesn't tie you down into frustrating templates!

Anyway, Sarah and I had a nice coffee/chat down at La Cucina in Mejiro, and she also generously answered all of my questions about Waseda and her MBA program for the BAB profile/article I'm doing. I was typing answers directly into the computer, and happened to notice that I'm at 1350 words from the interview notes, it's going to be hard to bring it down to 800! After a couple of hours, I walked her back to the station and then stopped by the AMPM on the way to the office for a snack. I got one of the little compacted rice balls wrapped in a strip of seaweed, which was good, and also one of the bizarre 10Y tubes of cardboard (er rice cake?) dripped in chocolate, which are pretty good if you just want a taste of chocolate but no substance. Then, I made a critical error, in buying something completely mysterious - guessing what something might be is not a good idea, seemingly.
(It looked so innocent - milk, strawberry... I think yogurt was a pretty fair guess!)
(and from the outside, it definitely looks yogurtish!)

I fully thought that what I was buying was strawberry yogurt, which I guess it kind of was, even though the yogurt itself didn't taste right and was scarily solid in its gelataneousnous (yes, that's a word!). The deal breaker however, was the chunks of basically tasteless hard gelatin type substance floating around in the yogurt (and not visible from the outside when I was buying it!) Riisa says it possibly originates in Indonesia of the Philippines, and that its popular because its low calorie, so you can eat more without ingesting extra calories. I vote that eating that isn't worth it!
(but lurking inside are chunks o' mystery gelatin!)

Worked on the website for awhile longer, basically until Peter was ready to leave the office at 9:30. We were bad and stopped for junk food on the way home, and I got all excited because I could actually read a good chunk of the the McMenu, provided I took my time with it (I was standing outside, not in line or anything), but I was actually managing to sound out a lot of the different burgers... Which isn't that exciting in the grand scheme of things, but actually kind of is!

We got our food to go, and watched the Apprentice (its good this season, living in tents is too much to bear apparently!) and then Grease:You're the One that I Want, which I'm a bit torn about - part of me really likes it because its Grease, and a musical, and they keep changing up the format of the tasks, which keeps it more interesting than say, American Idol week after week, but on the other hand, there are only so many songs from Grease to sing over and over again, and when they pick other songs to do, their song selection has been beyond random!

Anyway, that's about it for today, back at Weekender and teaching tomorrow, nothing so exciting (or in the near future) - I need to make some plans! (not exactly hard in this city though, always something to get up to, I love it!)


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