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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Up at 8 ish today to teach (way too early for a Sunday morning!) It was a gorgeous day (hit 19C as we were driving around with the roof down - I was HOT after biking though!), so as I said, I biked down to Shibuya, but I think the biking is really doing my shins in, so that's going to have to stop, which is a bit unfortunate, but last week at soccer, I hadn't biked at all on the weekend, and it was great, and today I was powering up hills and biking fast, and I could barely walk in the middle of the game, so I'm sensing a correlation.

Anyway, taught at ten, it was the taxi guy. It was fine, boring, but whatever, how long can an hour possibly feel? (Yea, you're right, pretty long!) Anyway, after that, I went down to Tower Records to try and investigate the masthead of Budget Travel and ended up spending nearly an hour chilling out in their great foreign books and magazine section. I ended up finding and buying a great magazine called Venus Zine partly because I thought I might be able to sell something to them (after reading it, I figured maybe not, and also their submission guidelines are trying to convince me that love and gratitude are as a good as money...uh no!) but anyway, its a great magazine - tons of cool music stuff, the cover story is on Feist, which is largely why I picked it up, and then they have tons of other indie bands profiled-my music shopping list is getting LONG! Feist, Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, Blonde Redhead, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc. Geesh! Its like books - never freaking ending!

Anyway, left Tower and headed to Libro, in the basement of one of the PARCO buildings, where they have lots of cool magazines, but I didn't spend as much time in there - wanted to get home so I could get a ride with Peter. He was going to meet Kong @ Sujis and there was no way I was missing out on a Suji's lunch, even if I did have to sit on the other side of the restaurant from them ;). In random news, Kong speaks/reads/writes passable Korean, which surprised everyone today, including himself a bit I think, since he hasn't been to Korea in about 30 years! I think there might be a Suji's related interview on the metpod at some point which would be fun :)

Also ran into Anna from work at Suji's, looking about ready to pop! (She's due to have her first little one two days ago). Good luck! We also ran into someone who had been at the Thanksgiving dinner at Tommy and Marina's house as well - old home week!

I headed down to soccer, and got there a bit late, but it was fine, there were tons of people there., so it was nice as we got subs! A bunch of the regular guys whom I really like playing with were missing, which was kind of unfortunate, and we also played five a side which is really one too many for that size of pitch - the soccer ended up being bad, and scrappy, and a bit annoying, so I wasn't mad to have missed twenty minutes of it!

Walked back up to Roppongi and waited for Peter to finish another meeting (with Okada-san), before we headed home... Started catching up on our TiVo'ing (an Old Ugly Betty and ANTM), and I'm about to head to bed pretty early - I'm heading down to the immigration office tomorrow to start my visa renewal process which is always a trek! I have to say, TiVo is amazing - we set 'gymnastics' as a keyword a couple of months ago, and now, bingo, today - there is two hours of gymnastics sitting in there for me to enjoy! Perhaps a way to pass the time at the immigration office!


PS - for anyone wanting some extra reading, check out Boing Boing, which is a great repository of randomly cool stuff (and read by 2 million people a day! Sugoi!)

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Anonymous said...

oh you enjoyed tower and seem you like magazine right?

do you know Marvin? he is in York tennis club and I was there.

check face book!!

or e-mail me