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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Got up earlier than I needed to AGAIN today, which was ridiculous - we didn't even get home from the office till after 1, so 8:30 am on a Saturday was def. too early! I think I fell back asleep for a little bit, and then some alarm I didn't even know I had set woke me up at! (wow that looks weird written out!) In the end it was good, because it meant Navina had time to call this morning for a good long chat (of course YOU aren't boring!) before both of us headed off to work.

I decided to go to the coffee shop where I teach at early today, and lugged the old laptop (basically an electronic notebook at this point, since it can't even go online anymore :s) out to work on a cover/query letter for an article about foodie amusement parks in Tokyo (ramen museum, daska, ice cream city, etc). It was actually great inspiration to work on the old laptop, b/c I'm sitting there going "If you sell lots of articles, then you can buy a new computer!" Jeesh I am SUCH a geek! How did this happen? Anyway, it was good because I basically got said cover letter and query finished before my student showed up.

We chatted about his upcoming trip to NYC for this made for TV movie they're shooting over there. It was a pretty good lesson, as it seemed to go quite quickly which is always nice! Wandered home around 3, and found Peter watching 28 Up, part of that series about the kids where they filmed them every 7 years of their life, starting at age 7 (49 or 56 up is about to come out). I find if very depressing to see how all the dreams of these seven year olds have gone to crap and half of them are living in depressing council flats with loads of kids and delinquent ex husbands (well maybe not until 42 up, but whatever). It's pretty brutal!

I didn't want to watch, so I came upstairs to have a nap, and got sidetracked by Crash and this query letter (Wow! That's not a sentence likely to come out of me very often! Usually its the nap doing the sidetracking!) I also convinced Peter that we had no food in the house, so we needed to get some today, since we're both busy with stuff tomorrow and next Friday, he's leaving for Hawaii with Hitomi for nine days, and I'm going to need something to sustain me! We headed to Nissin to get some stuff, its crazy how expensive rice is here! 25-30$ for 5kg! That's nuts!

We came home to unload the groceries, and then Peter headed out again to spend the night hanging out with Tommy, and I made some dinner (a big salad and burritos) and then watched a Friends with Venus. I think I'm going to try and get everything ready to send off to the editor about the foodie theme parks and then head to bed. Knowing me, since I actually need to be up at 8:30 tomorrow, I'll be wanting to sleep in til 10!


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