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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So, I seem to have sorted out the link problem - if you delete the http from the link box, even if the link with only www should work, blogger says a big old 'dame!' and does some weird url stuff. If you leave the http in, it all seems to be happy. Weird, but good to know!

Got to work first this morning, which was a first! 'Neen (like the end of Christine), the new intern (its actually Eglantine, but she goes by the shortened version since her name is prone to butchering by non French speakers) showed up just after me, and since neither of us have a key, we waited for a few minutes for Karin to show up and let us in. I spent the first part of the morning copy editing Weekender and then left to go see Happy Feet, so I could review it quickly to go in this issue of Weekender. I almost didn't make it in because I went to the wrong floor, and then when I got to the correct floor it was 1:02 (the screening started at 1:00), and they didn't want to let me in. They also turned away two other people who came after I did, but I stood my ground and managed to talk to someone who spoke English and let me in. It was stressful since we were holding space for that!

It's a really cute movie, and the soundtrack is great as well - it has a been a box office hit in the US, and of course, recently won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. There's lots of messages in it, but I thought they did a pretty good job of not making it too preachy, and the animation and detail is absolutely amazing! It's just crazy how good some of these animated features are these days! The end credits had a tooooon of animators listed, but I guess that makes sense - an army of animators and computers must be needed for this sort of thing! Anyway, it's a cute movie, and definitely go if you have kids you want to take to the movies!

Went back to the office and quickly wrote my review before leaving at around five and rushing off to teach at 5:30, stopping briefly on the way to make up some questions to go with the shortened version of Treasure Island which I got the boy to start reading today. With his sister, we read a few fairy tales (Puss in Boots, Rapunzel, and then all together, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) from the fairy tale anthology I brought from the library - that girl is a sucker for princesses and scary witches!

The two of us also bonded over our shared uselessness at math, and I taught her the good old using your fingers to do the nine times table trick which Mrs. MaCauley taught us in grade three, and she can now fly through those ones :).

Came home at about eight, and I've been upsettingly un-productive since then (2 hours!) I'm just about to go make some curry for dinner (since when is Thai curry one of my favorite foods? I'm addicted!), as Peter figures he'll be home soon, and then maybe afterwards I'll get something done, but I honestly doubt it :s. Tomorrow, depending when I get out of work I think I'll go sit in Suji's for a bit and try and work for a bit, either on Japanese studying or a query letter... Probably the latter since it has potential for payment!



jack said...

Hi Dani-thinking about your post from yesterday...I hope you don't spend your whole stay in Tokyo, there is so much more to see in Japan. I don't write but if I did and wanted to do articles on food stuff I would head for Hokkaido, especially Hokodate and visit and write about the "asaichi"-morning market-there. Especially if I wanted to illustrate the article with photos. The market is closed one day a week, I think wednesday, so if you go make sure it's open. Also try to determine the weather as it will be a drag if it's raining. Even if you think it sucks as material for an article, it's a nice trip-check out Japan's back country on the way up. There are still places ancient and magical.

dani said...

Wow,thanks for your thoughtful comment! I do really want to travel in Japan, some of my only memories from my last trip here are from places outside of Tokyo, especially being in Hiroshima on August 6, 1995 (50 year anniversary of the bomb). Right now its a question of picking a place, enlisting a companion and getting the cash together, but if I can, I will! There are so many amazing places here, you could travel for years and not see it all!