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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mmmm so work today - it was a pretty quiet day in the office, as not so many people are in on Tuesdays anyway, and Helen took yesterday and today off so she would have a nice long break when combined with the uber random holiday (Equinox Day) of tomorrow.

Unfortunately, a fuse blew in the power supply for the computer I use, so I had to temporarily borrow a power supply from the penguins, move everything onto a flash drive, move that onto another computer, and go from there. Of course, I had to do the whole thing over again to get my email over as well... Anyway, after that little hiccup, I got organized in a new corner, and got working on the 'things to do' calendar that I put together for every Weekender. Lots of good concerts coming up in April! They didn't all make the calendar as I try and keep a variety of types of things to do, but Joss Stone, Beck, and Snow Patrol are all coming in April! I think I want to go to at least one of them (probably Joss Stone or Snow Patrol). Any takers?

Basically spent the rest of the day getting the articles I'd written over the weekend to Anthony, printing off piles of proof reading for BAB to work on tomorrow, and starting in on the website updating a little bit. I didn't really have time to do much of that at all though, before a quick run to the post office before leaving at about 5.

Headed to teach at 5:30, and had a pretty good lesson - I found out that they're going on Spring Break as of Thursday for eleven days, so I got them to brainstorm a bit at the end of the night about a project we might all do for the next few sessions, and we decided to make a magazine about Japan, so I have to do some research and gather some books and stuff over the next two days so we can get started with that on Thursday... Hopefully it keeps everyone occupied for the next few weeks!

Came home, and on my way back started listening to This American Life. It's so good! I can see from how good this is, how families might have sat around ye oldie ( ;) ) crystal sets to listen to radio dramas or whatever. They've made the show this week out of tape from their recent six city live tour, but for the most part it follows the typical format. This week's theme is 'what I learned from TV'.

What I learned from this podcast so far, is that the average American watches 29 hours of TV every week! That's ridiculous! Its also the average, which means that some people watch a lot more than that! Even with TiVo, which is unfortunately jacking up my watching, I have 5.5 hours of 'must watch' TV per week (Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, ANTM, Desperate Housewives, The Apprentice: LA, and the Hills) *gawd that's a crap list when laid out like that!*, and then add a few more hours from either watching DVDs or working while watching something like Discovery Channel or TLC or whatever... I think I'd be hard pressed to make it to 29 hours though!

Not one to shirk a challenge, I settled in for an evening of TV, since tomorrow is going to be a work day before I meet up with Sarah and her friends in the evening. I just have to say, once again, that I love TiVo! Turned it on, jumped into the menu, and found an hour of gymnastics waiting for me! It was the Canadian Nationals (2006 maybe actually), which was interesting - the comentating was sooo painful! They only showed the top 4 athletes in event final so there are only so many comments you can make about each person's back story, and we got each one many, many times! Its also interesting to see just how big a difference there still is between the Canadians and the rest of the world - extra wobbles, steps out of bounds, lower degrees of difficulties, etc. We have a terrible problem of showing up, but not really competing. Sure, Elyse Hopfner Hibbs is doing things, and Kyle Shewfelt winning gold on floor in Athens in 2004 gave the entire sport a huge shot in the art, but there still needs to be something done to improve the sporting situation in the great white north (see also my soccer rant from a few days ago.)

Inevitably worked on splits for awhile (they're slowly coming back!), and studiously chillaxed, and that about sums up my day...

Happy early Equinox Day!

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