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Friday, March 16, 2007

It's good they have realistic expectations and advertise 'decent' photos - its probably too much to expect to try and have 'good identity photos' from the booth in the train station! Just struck me as a little bit funny as I was walking by; no story or anything...

Got up at around 9 (Venus stood on my head which will pretty much do it!), did some work, and then I went to go visit Temple University Japan to have an advising appointment. It was pretty interesting - its a small school, only about 700 undergraduate students! Of them about half are Japanese and half are from elsewhere around the world, including, I think, a pretty good-sized chunk from Temple main campus, which is of course, the big state school in Philly. There are also about 2000 graduate students, at a different campus down the road. Walking around, it has a very different feeling to say, York, Uvic or SFU, which isn't exactly surprising! It's all in one office building over 5 floors, and the classes are small, about 15-35 people, which is pretty amazing, its like every lecture is a tutorial size! It just occured to me, its actually only have the size of Stelly's in terms of people! It definitely did feel a lot like a high school walking around, but it would be great for meeting people and getting individual attention!

Finished the tour,and armed with brochures and information came back home, and Venus and I went for a walk, listening to this week's met pod as we did so. The cover story in Metropolis this week is about how the police don't necessarily take complaints by foreigners seriously, which was a bit worrying to listen to - I knew that trying to get anything done about something like a train groper was pretty hard, but I didn't expect them to ignore murder cases as well! Also on the podcast was a BIG fan (at York, of all places!) that the metpod called, she was pretty entertaining, soooooo happy to be called! (well really, who wouldn't be? ;) ) It was cute!

Came home and basically chillaxed - ate curry for dinner, watched season one of the Apprentice some more (they really had way better challenges back in the day!)

So, not so much of interest again today - the blogging hasn't been so good these last few days, I know. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to go to Odawara in Kanagawa to check out the horseback archery at the castle... That should hopefully be pretty interesting and lead to some decent photos!


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