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Thursday, March 08, 2007

I admit it, I'm a not-so-in-the-closet reader of classified ads. I absolutely love them! I haven't as much recently since I listen to the metpod every week (LOVE the podclassifieds!) and therefore don't read the magazine so often, but when the new Metropolis comes out, I LOVE to read the personals, they're sooo funny! I love the one who keeps saying something like 'my life is really crappy, so if you're depressed let's get to together and you can tell me your sh*tty story so I feel better about mine', and the 'nice well educated British gentleman who wants to try 150+ nice restaurants throughout the city with an attractive, educated woman, and will provide a generous gift each time', but, of course, no strings attached (HAH!).

Anyway, all this to say that while I love reading the classifieds, I never dreamt I'd be answering a bunch until I answered EIGHT about language exchanges today, all in the name of research. I have my first one set up tentatively for this weekend (its too bad I only know 20 words of Japanese, eek!), so we'll see how that all goes!

Work was fun today - busy but in a good way - we had a massive content meeting for BAB, which will continue into next week, but we've been coming up with tons of preliminary ideas for things we might include, or at least draw from as content gets decided later on. I also heard from Caroline that I'm not spilling too much about work on here which is good (thanks again for letting me know!). It does seem crazy just who finds it though (by searching for Suji's no doubt!), It's amazing to see, and makes me very happy that I've always kept it pretty middle of the road!

At the end of the day, Nine and I went to Roppongi Hills to try and get street snaps, but unfortunately there weren't really any foreign women out and about at all, and we'd lost our good light, so she's going to look for some this weekend, and then otherwise we'll try again next week. It figures that the day we need them, the foreign women who are usually pretty common in Roppongi Hills are nowhere to be seen! We did run in to Kong though, off on his way to go check out the new Ritz, which sounds soo nice! (in the new Midtown project). Sometimes, when you're bumping into people randomly, which somehow happens WAY more than you might think (or maybe there are only so many ex pat hot spots?) Tokyo seems like a very small town!

Afterwards, I quickly prepped for teaching (which, of course, I didn't need to do as they both had homework today, jeesh!). The boy had a very complicated adaptation of a Sherlock Holmes story, which had the KKK in it. He had to write a short paragraph on them, and knew absolutely nothing, so I imparted my limited knowledge of the whole thing to him, as they didn't have any reference books, and his dad wasn't super keen on us going online. The girl wrote me a great fairy tale involving a guy in a dragon costume (setting up a company to do with water underground) a prince, a princess and a love triangle, it was pretty cute! (the costumed hydro worker won her heart over the prince!) We also worked more on times tables, which transports me straight back to Mrs. McCauley's gr. 3 class, where we all had to get all the times tables learned and recited before the end of the year, or we would fail (or so she said, somehow I doubt GNS would want to have kids getting held back in grade three, but I remember her saying something about 'poor Suzy who has to go to SMU now so no one knows that she got held back a year because of her times tables'.) It is of course quite possible that my over active imagination is making stuff up (anyone remember?)

Spoke to Peter briefly after teaching - he managed to make time to talk to Temple U for me today (thanks!), so I'll be getting in touch with them tonight probably to set up some kind of appointment to go check it out. I'm setting a goal of figuring out the fall within the next month, as lots of people (least of all me!) need to know what's going on...

On my way home, couldn't resist the pull of my Sophie Kinsella book burning a hole in my backpack, so I stopped in for a drink and a nice long read, so luxurious! On the train home I also finished watching the gymnastics on my ipod - how great is this! It's an amazing picture as well, definitely passes the time on the train well. Its crazy with the new code how hard stuff is getting! If you were to compare this to a tape of 10-15 years ago, the difference would be huge! For instance, I remember when it was huge that Mo Hulan threw a back tuck release on high bar, and then 'little mo' did it on uneven bars, probably in the late 90s, and now one of the guys did a back full release on HB today! Crazy!

Venus and I have just been chilling at home - Peter is working late in preparation for going to Hawaii with Hitomi tomorrow, so we (V and I) watched Gilmore Girls from last week on my ipod and now we're about to walk to Circle K for milk before curling up with Shopaholic and Baby and hopefully, a long and good night's sleep!

(ps - sorry this was late, stupid internet last night!)

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