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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I got a great package from home yesterday, including my insulin and stuff (not so exciting), but also three ARC's which are so 'pink' they practically glow! Yay! Most excitingly was the new Sophie Kinsella book 'Shopaholic and Baby' which is soooo exciting! Peter looked at me like I had two heads when I shrieked as I uncovered it, but I've been waiting for ages for her to get around to putting out a new one! I asked around at the office today, and it seems like that sort of book might find a couple of homes there, so I'm thinking about maybe starting a book exchange, with just a box or something where people can put in books they're done with, and get ones out that they want to read, really informally. The library I found here is pretty good, but its a bit thin on the pink books (maybe that's not such a bad thing actually!), and also a bit behind. I realised walking through Tower Records on the weekend how much I miss my bookstore time, and my ARCs!

Anyway, that combined with having 2 hours of gymnastics on my ipod (Tyson American Cup, OMG Shawn Johnson is freaking amazing!!!!! back full ON beam!!! *she has a nice website, too!*) made me a very happy commuter today! I miss vaulting though! Arg stupid sport that doesn't exist here!

Work was busy today, lots of little things to get done, but it felt as though it was pretty productive. The new BAB also came in today, a day early, so its always exciting to see one of the new magazines come out, even if it does mean a few hours of distribution ;). We managed to make time for Suji's though, of course (in two rather disorganized groups!), and the three of us who went down together tried our hardest to make our own menu item. We took the Chicken Cobb Salad Sandwich (really good in its own right!) and make a few substitutions - we got grilled chunks of chicken with honey mustard sauce as opposed to the standard chopped up with a mayo based sauce that it comes with, and then substituted feta cheese for the blue cheese. It was an amazing sandwich when we were done with it! We wanted to call it the Weekender Sandwich, but Jason said maybe it would have to be the Weekender (PIA) sandwich. (PIA=Pain in the Ass). Aww, we love you Jason!

Had a monthly evaluation meeting with Caroline today, which was all really good. There might be an opportunity there that could well tip the balance between staying and going, it would certainly be nice to know either way what I'm going to get up to! I hate being a Capricorn sometimes :).

Ended up staying at work until about 6, lucky I wasn't teaching! It meant I didn't go to Suji's to study Japanese, but that's alright, I got lots done at work instead, and once a day is probably sufficient to visit them down there :)

Its about 9 now, I have to wait until midnight or just after to call Navina about her trip out here (yay! it's going to be so fun to see her!) so I'm making lots of plans about being productive for the next three hours, we'll see how it goes ;) There is, after all, a Sophie Kinsella book and an hour of gymnastics, plus Gilmore Girls waiting for me!

To procrastinate or not to procrastinate...


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