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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So work today...pretty normal day, lots to do! I mostly worked on Women of the World for BAB, which I like doing since I get to read a lot of news and then pick out the most interesting bits and pieces about women around the world and compile them together.

Speaking of interesting women in the news, BC's favorite raging Granny, Betty Krawcyzk is in jail again, this time for 10 months. She's a 78 year old great grandmother with a penchant for speaking her mind and standing up for the environment; good for her! Betty is somewhat infamous in BC for her work protesting logging in Clayoquot Sound in 1993, and other environmental issues since then. She also protests against a weird law that means she gets arrested for contempt of court and therefore doesn't get a trial (I think, I'm waiting for the full explanation). Basically, she argues that it takes away from the right to assembly and peaceful civil protest/free speech, etc. It's an interesting story, unfortunately, I don't really know the details! I did witness one of the 'Women of the Woods' protests in Victoria a few years ago, and saw Betty get arrested (again!). I also saw my Mother go toe to toe with rather a big MAC truck during that same rally and somehow, that stands out more ;). (Incidentally, am I the only one really surprised Oma was a placard wearing member of that gathering?) For the fictionalised cliff notes version, get thee to a bookstore and pick up (shameless family plug here:) Trouble on Tarragon Island!

We had Arina's going away lunch today (Suji's, of course!), which she attended fresh off the plane after ten days in Thailand, looking tanned and amazing! Best of luck to her in the big apple!

Worked till about five and then I had to leave or I was going to be late to teach, I just had time to swing past the new Orbitune studio in the Roppongi TGIF which looks so cool (well the screens anyway, they're still working on the actual studio space) but its going to look great when it's all up and running! Very exciting!

Went over to teach, basically more of the same except that I think the boy is actually reading the same book (Treasure Island) in school and with me, which is so weird! I started doing a short novel type study with it last week, and then today he told me they've started reading what he thinks is the same story at school (different edition I guess). How bizarre!

After teaching I raced back over to Roppongi Hills to meet Language Exchange numero three (and the first woman). She was really nice, but this language exchange was kind of more how I expected them to go - like 85% English and barely any Japanese. I'm not sure quite how that happened, but next time I have to try and reign it in to being a bit more equal! It was really, really odd as we were talking about her recent trip to Germany, and she goes 'you know, they have this really bizarre sport over there where they do like acrobatics on horses'. I was like 'OMG I DO that!' she looked a little shocked to say the least! I was completely shocked (obviously), that she'd even heard of it, but it was pretty cool to talk about a little bit. I actually dreamt about vaulting last night too, which I haven't done for awhile, it wasn't a very realistic dream though, as Jess was telling me that if I could control a kind of reverse press to handstand, but forward (so you would be in a handstand, and then keeping your body straight, lower yourself forwards onto your back) you could then do 3 different types of 'control dismount' from canter. Problem is, I'm pretty sure its not possible to get out of a handstand that way without it being rather uncomfortable!

Anyway we had a good chat (all three hours of it!) so I'm sure we'll probably meet again, I think she wants to...Back home around 11, lucky the vennuppi puppi had company today and already got fed! I think I'll head to bed soonish - another long day tomorrow, I'm going to a performance/interview tomorrow night with Anthony for work...

(PS, thank god for blogger auto drafts! I just randomly pressed something and reloaded the screen, and luckily the draft was saved almost exactly where I left off! phew!)

PPS-I'm glad Peter and Hitomi are staying out of the helicopters on this trip to Hawaii! This is the same company Grampa and Peter flew with at Christmas! Yikes!

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