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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh man, I'm falling asleep here, so I think just a quick blog is in order! Long, busy day at work today! I stayed till six and went straight from there to an interview, and then stayed at the gig after till eleven, and just got home at about 11:40... Yawn!

I made the mistake of writing down everything I'm working on at CPI right now, so even though its not that much more than it has been in the past, I had a brief moment of 'Ack!' Although after I allocated everything to different days to get it done, it was fine; I got to cross a few things off today as well - always satisfying!

I spent a good part of the day researching a 70's rock band named Mott the Hoople today, as I interviewed one of their former members tonight, which was really good fun! He was a really nice guy, and very willing to answer my questions, etc. The research paid off I think, he said I had good questions and did a good job with the interview, which was nice of him :). MTH is the only band that Queen ever opened for! Aerosmith also opened for them, which is very impressive! Their big hits included 'All the Young Dudes'.

The interview was at Super-Deluxe, which is a fantastic space! I haven't actually been there yet even though I keep trying to get there for Pecha Kucha night, but it really is good (and their cauliflower fritters are yummy as well!) They host tons of live events and exhibits and stuff like that; I'll definitely be back! As I said, I stayed for the gig tonight which was really interesting, completely improvised on all manner of keyboards and synthesizers and stuff, and the first set was accompanied by his 'light painting' photographs (very very cool and kind of erethral!), while the second set was accompanied by some fascinating black and white movies from 1903-1934ish. You'll have to read the next Weekender for details!

And finally, since I know this was a short and not so forthcoming entry, I give you a photo of a huge Styrofoam or plastic chunk of dessert bread. I have no idea what this dessert actually is, but you see it (a more normal size) with the plastic models of food at restaurants, and it really just looks like half a loaf of white bread with a scoop of ice cream on top, drizzled with chocolate sauce....weird!

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