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Friday, March 09, 2007

Today was so chilled out that it doesn't really merit a blog, but I sense that's not an option ;). Actually, this morning I had a really good chat with Sasch, which was great - its been too long since I spoke with him last! Also talked to Aly who told me all about her trip to the aquarium with school (Beluga whales were her favorite), and Toby, who commiserated with me on how hard it is to pick one favorite sport and stick to it. He also already knows the date he's starting grade one (his birthday, poor kid!), and we have plans to play tennis together next time I'm home, so cute!

Peter and Hitomi headed off to Hawaii today, so he left the house in the late afternoon and they're probably about two hours into their flight at this point, assuming everything is running on schedule. Poor Venus was not impressed when the suitcase came out and has spent the evening moping around and curled up on top of me on the couch - I have the distinct feeling that she views me as rather a poor substitute for her Daddy! She is being rather cuddly though - it's cute!

I didn't really have plans for today, which was probably the issue as I've not done much at all - plowed through some tivo'd stuff, and spent a few hours looking through possible freelance markets. Of course, just looking gets you no where, but there are sooo many! I'm not quite sure where to start - water water everywhere and all that. I think my goal for tonight will be to pick a few options and then tomorrow after my language exchange (eek!) actually write the query letters to go with them.

Umm lets see... this is a pretty cool plug in for itunes - iconcertcal which goes through your itunes library and then tells you any concerts by artists in your library coming up in your area. I'm excited to see Beck and Snow Patrol coming up in April :)

Hmmm I'm really drawing a whole lot of blanks here, so I think maybe this is enough for today!


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