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Friday, March 02, 2007

Got up fairly early this morning (actually, since I wasn't working it was really early, about 8:30! or so) and then kind of lounged around, reading, etc. I finished the Nicholas Sparks book which I started a couple of days ago, Dear John, which was as addicting and sappy as any of his other books (A Walk to Remember, the Notebook, Message in a Bottle), etc. But didn't have as happy an ending as I like to see, so that was a little bit annoying, but still a good book :). I also started applying for SFU today, just in case I end up going home in the fall, I don't want to get screwed. I got as far as applying, but not as far as paying the application fee, or submitting transcripts. I have 30 days to do that now though.

After doing that and chatting with a couple of people from home, I decided to go vaulting at JRA, since it was the once weekly day where I can use the barrel. In the end, it was kind of frustrating and stupid - I was feeling homesick and out of shape to start out with, so compounding all of that by going to the barrel/horses was probably just stupid - I ended up missing vaulting and being at home, and working out regularly way more than I actually accomplished anything! On the train there and back, I largely spent time agonizing over what to do this coming year, although I also managed to fit in a metpod listen. They had Peabo Bryson on, which was hilarious as he sung 'A Whole New World', which is of course, the Disney song I infamously sang during that last trip to Japan. Actually, I did more than strictly sing it, I seem to remember dressing up in a turban, serving 'Volvanica Water' (volvic), and having some kind of song and dance routine for Peter's poor friends. (It's probably important to mention here that I'm tone deaf!) It was not good, but hopefully I squeaked past on a few cute points!

Made it back home at about 3:30, and called Mom which was good, haven't talked to her for a couple of weeks, so it was good to check in. Congratulations to her for winning another 'M' award, if I haven't mentioned it already on here. Sad to hear she didn't get another 'block of cheese' for her efforts though!

After speaking with her, I took the venuppi puppi for a quick spin around the block, and then headed up the office to work on Crash in their kitchen. It has a nice big table, plugs, some ambient noise, and just is generally waaaay more productive for me than being at home! Luckily, my laptop started up (although it won't go online anymore), but I wasn't really sure if it was going to - it's been finicky of late! Anyway, I'm just reading through Crash, tidying up little things and getting it ready to email off to Mom in the next day or two (lucky her, HA!). After a couple of hours of reading, I was about ready to take a break when Jordon came around taking office wide KFC orders, so I went with him to help carry, and then about 4 or 5 of us ate in the kitchen and talked about new Orbitune projects (which are very exciting and cool and will be shown this week on here hopefully!!)

Back to work on Crash, and also looking at Temple University in Japan, which Peter just found out for me today actually has a pretty big undergrad program, so that's thrown another option into the mix (a good or a bad thing, I'm not sure haha!) but I'll definitely be looking into that more in the next week or so with Peter. They also have a tour/info session on the 17th, so I'll be celebrating St. Paddy's/Dani's D. Day with that!

Still at the office (its about 11), but that's OK - I've commandeered Peter's computer, which means Internet, and I have about 14 pages left to go on my Crash read through, which would be great to get done today!

Tomorrow is teaching, and hopefully, a trip to Costco! I need my cereal replenished in a big way!


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