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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Really not feeling like writing much today, so short is the name of the game!

Work was good today, spent basically the entire day proof reading and entering changes, but it was all fairly straight forward (I say that now, before I see what I missed!) Not so many people in the office today, and I was still confused thinking it should be Wednesday - so expecting people who never showed up, etc. I contributed to the book exchange, as I'm thoroughly enjoying a book I got off Anthony on Tuesday: Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.

I left the office kind of on time, as I was thinking about getting a bank account after work, and then ended up not having time (well I didn't want to risk being late to teach), so I sat outside by the spider at Roppongi Hills and read for a bit before going to teach. Today was day one of what was supposed to be the big Japan magazine/scrapbook project. It started out really well - the girl read about kimonos and then wrote a paragraph about them and colored in a drawing I'd brought. The boy adapted a mystery game from a magazine, changing it from very British to Japanese and then drawing some 'spot the difference' pictures.

Unfortunately, in the end, the Dad came up to me, and told me that since the kids are on vacation for the next couple of weeks, he doesn't want me to teach them until the 10th. Expensive spring break for me :s. Luckily, I have some possibly new students coming up soon!

Headed home and made a snack, and then proceeded to whip out the vaulting spandies and stretch while watching RENT (Hawaii present from Pete!) and singing along at the top of my lungs. Poor Venus was looking at me as I did V sits and hollered out the tortured lyrics as if I was a complete nutter (she's probably on to something!)

Peter came home just as I was un=twisting myself from a bridge, and also looked at me in a similar sort of way! We just hung out this evening, reading and getting through TiVo'ed stuff. Venus and I also made a milk run - wandering down to Circle K, and that's about it... Really, nothing exciting!


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