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Saturday, October 21, 2006

This is an audio clip of Kamasawi Kong's theme song (really, everyone needs one!) Just click the play button on the little logo below (you need flash), and it will play...In case anyone else wants to add to their blog like this - its a free (for basic) service called Gabcast. Where you basically sign up, create a 'channel' which is a assigned a number, and then phone one of several phone numbers for your region, and log in using your channel id and a password you decide on online, and then record your post into the phone. It immediately dumps it back into your account online, and from there, it's easy to get it into your blog... A very cool tool!

Going to see Jordan's band tonight... Maybe I'll figure out how to use the voice recorder on my Keitai and then post a clip on here.... Ah technology!

Gabcast! gaijinbedbug #1

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G/p said...

So this is Kong.