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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Started this morning off with a shortish half hour run around Pete's neighbourhood at 9ish, with V-chan... we explored the rabbit warren of small streets around here, and I took some photos with the new keitai, but I can't seem to download the camera phone pics, so I'll have to post the anti cat (according to pete) barricade made out of water bottles at a later date... Came across a funny little park which has a small gravel pitch and put type practice area-quite interesting!

Came back to the house for some breakfast (from our stash of very north american food following last night's shopping - I had a New York style bagel with some made in Australia Philadelphia cream cheese) and then Pete went to a lunch meeting at a floating pub/brewery on Tennozu Island, which is a waterfront development with offices, restaurants, etc. I went with hime and hung out on the water, went for a bit of a walk, etc. I also bought my first bento box of this trip, along with a hermetically sealed pre loaded soft icecream cone from the conbini. Incidentally, the icecream cone is one of my only memories from the last trip out here!

I'll add pictures in a seperate post of the area, since it isn't letting me do it right now...

After that, we headed to the office, which had some vaguely familiar aspects, but which has been largely renovated, making it a bit confusing! Met everyone from the office pretty much I think, and will, as per usual, only remember about 15% of the names! We invited Jordan, the twenty something from Vancouver that Pete seems to be making show me around (poor guy ;) ), to a movie which Pete's friend Lisel was in. The movie, Kamataki, which did very well at the 2005 Montreal Film Festival was screened at the Canadian Embassy, which is a fantastic building! All it's missing is a timmy's to make it a very Canadian experiance. The movie is about a youngish guy who goes to rural Japan to search out his roots, and hopefully get over that whole ' I tried to comit suicide and failed' thing, and ends up at his uncle's house. The uncle is a master potter with some unconventional moral attitudes! Its a very film festivalish movie, with gorgeous shots of fire, etc, and very unrushed, but not nescessarily slow, pacing. Despite questions about a possible booby double in post production, it was, overall, and enjoyable movie :)

After that we hit Tony Roma's to keep the staunchly un-Japanese run of food/culture/etc. alive... Jordan seems to play in several bands, and has some gigs coming up, including a full two note preformance on trumpet this Saturday, so will probably check out either that one, or a different band on Sunday, which would be cool... Planning on spending the next few days exploring, and probably trying to figure out the JR/subway systems...

Dropped Jordan off at a station, and then headed home, so just looking @ possible houses in Hawaii, blogging, etc. before heading to bed and deciding where to go first - maybe I should just stick a pin in a map and see where it all takes me?

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