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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The photos, from top to bottom in the previous post are:

1. Harajuku (as in the Gwen Stefani song), and the area where the Omotesando Blvd. is...
2. Pete's Street.. this is actually one of the larger streets in his neighbourhood.. still super narrow though!
3. Pete's house, with his neighbour's SUV in the foreground... my room is the two windows on the second story which are kind of hanging out a little bit
4. Venus at the office on the pillow I made her a few Christmases ago
5. Shibuya
6. Yoyogi Park
7. One of many, many, many vending machines on the streets - they are EVERYWHERE! and often in groups of 3 or 4, although this is just a single one... you can buy all sorts of other stuff in vending machines as to come as I take them...
8. Dog in yoyogi park with no apperant interest in running around
9. view from a pedestrian overpass near mejijingo station/omotesando, but I'm not sure which ku it's overlooking...

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