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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just a quick note from the gate at YVR...waiting to get on JAL flight 17, and spend an unpleasant 10 hours getting to Narita...

Was a little bit worried about getting through security with my insulin, etc. But I had it all in the baggy as requested, and the screener turned out to have a brother with type 1, so she was like 'Have you heard about that new insulin pump that tests your blood sugars?' and I was like 'Yes! I'm getting one fedexed to me in Japan!' I neglected to mention that I fainted in the training yesterday when they put the sensor in... It was very deja-vu ish like the first pump training session when I did the exact same thing as they put the infusion set in for the first time...

Anyway, off today, so can ignore that for awhile... Mom and I came over to Vancouver yesterday, and saw Julia and Jaana for awhile, which was great - Thanks for the Japanese food, guys! :) Then off to Sascha's for a bit, saw Peta briefly last night before she skipped off to scrapbooking, and then Sasch spent the morning with mom and I at the airport.

Entertaining signs at all the duty free stores: "Yes, you can buy gels/perfumes/liquids, maple syrup *always key* here" The body shop seemed especially keen to reassure would be hand cream shoppers... Also entertaining is that all the tvs are playing international show jumping from Spruce... Anyway, I'm going to publish this now, so that I can get on with repacking what I'm going to need in what bag while on board,

I'll post when I get to Pete's
Ja mata

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Nikki said...

Have a great flight, Dani - and an even better trip! Looking forward to reading all about it!