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Thursday, October 26, 2006

So Glitterball is over, and what a party it was! There were over 1000 people at Velfarre in Roppongi, and some pretty fantastic costumes on display. Even though I forgot my hard to find gloves (!!!!!) my flapper costume went off pretty well I think, and Pete's costume - Kamasami Kong was a total hit with anyone who knows Kong. Some people didn't recognize Pete under there, and when Kong showed up at the end, as himself, it was great to have the two of them together! Mostly going to have this blog be pictures, so here goes: General crowd shot of the main dance floor - there are three levels in Velfarre - an upstairs entrance level, a VIP drinks level where you can look over the dance floor, and then the main dance floor with a bar on either side, a stage at the front and the DJ/light booth at the back.
Cool shot of the lights
The two Kongs
Mibu, 'Kong', Marina, Nana
Mibu, Marina, Nana
Mibu, Me, ( the guy in the back knew one of those three, but I'm not sure how), Marina, Nana
'Kong' and Dutch Mark the school girl
The second place winner in the costume competition, he's won before so they didn't seem to want him to win again...
The Met Pod Crew - 'Kong', Susie Newsie and Jordon (note the drink on his shoulder - people kept stashing beer on that convenient surface in the middle of the room)
The winners of the trip for two to Brazil, courtesy of American Airlines, who were one of the major sponsors of the evening. These four are dressed as a famous Japanese biker gang, - a lot of work went into their costumes!

Pete just before we left
Venus getting into the act, and a little confused/wanting to eat her costume

There will be more pictures of last night from Pete's camera later...

After Glitterball ended at around midnight, Pete, Kong, Mibu, Marina, and I went to Velours which is the place to be on Wednesday and Saturdays.... Yesterday, it was so much the place to be that it resembled an overstuffed, albeit swanky, sardine can. From the website it looks pretty cool, but honestly, we couldn't see much when we were in there! Kong, Pete and I lasted rougly five minutes before escaping nextdoor to Bluestone, a very nice, laid back bar which only had one other group in it while we were there. We hung out there for an hour or so, and had a nice chat and some drinks with Kong before Pete and I came in and he greatfully scraped off his beard before we fell into bed at about 3am.

Incidentally, the beard was quite a challenge to make and took Pete nearly an hour! We cut off some of the hair from his wig, especially what was hidden under the hat, and then trimmed it down to a shorter length before using theatrical glue to piece it together on his face. It was pretty funny since it shed for the entire night - it was amazing that there was any hair left by the end of the night!

Anyway, that's it for the first installment of the glitterball afterblog. I'll post more photos later when I get Pete's


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