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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sorry about the lack of pictures - blogger is still being stupid about photos, even though I switched to blogger beta in the hopes that upgrading would bounce me over to a different set of photo servers or whatever is causing this problem... Did it work? Of course not! I'm going to try throwing up a couple of pictures taken with the little sony camera to see if it's getting hung up on the file size... We shall see...

Anyway, Happy Halloween to everyone! We had a few trick or treaters today, I'm not sure exactly how many because we weren't home for the whole time, but it seemed to be a fairly good turnout, and we got through almost two bags of candy. Poor Venus was very sad she didn't get to play with all the kids! To stop any confusion about which house was celebrating or not, there were neighbourhood wide signs saying to decorate if you'd be participating, however, it pointedly said that 'there was no application required' to participate in the giving out of candy -
I'm glad that I don't have to apply to give out treats!

We duly decorated before heading out this afternoon, although I have to say we didn't exactly have the most impressive effort on the block! (and look at that, after all my whinging, the smaller photos uploaded no problem... Technology!)

close up on my handsome sign!

Pete had a meeting near Harajuku again, so I got a ride with him, and walked to the Shibuya Ward Office to pick up my official gaijin card - I'm now an official alien! I walked back through Yoyogi Koen, where the World Volleyball championships are currently happening-I had to stop with a group of people on the sidewalk to let a tour bus with the Japanese national team on it through the gates, much to the excitement of some of the fans waiting with me, autograph pads at the ready. Seemingly volleyball is a pretty big sport here in Japan!

I did a bit of shopping at GAP and got a pair of jeans (in mammoth sizes for me compared to at home, very depressing here!), and a white top... I really think there should be some kind of standard sizing, or at least going by measurements or something, its ridiculous that jeans which are exactly the same size if held up together, and from basically the same company (old navy at home, GAP here), could be exactly doubled in size on the tag. Although I guess to accomplish that, you'd have to go into negative sizes or something to fit in everyone over here... But really, measurements would be a good way to go, everywhere, because even between different stores in one country you can be different by like 4-6 sizes, which doesn't help anyone!

Annnnyway, Pete and I came home at 5:30ish, and did some more Hawaii research, I think we're finally coming to a solution/conclusion for everyone who is worried about getting their flights, etc. in order, we'll be calling Hawaii when they wake up tonight, and then will call everyone else as we find out what is going on...

And that's about it, just hanging out mostly and waiting for Pete to get home - he went back out to another meeting at 9, and for it to be late enough to call Hawaii and Pacific businesses...

Back to uploading more photos I think, and tommorow is the vaulting research day part two! Very exciting!


Anonymous said...

Hi there -
checking in from... Castlegar, I think. These road trips, very disorienting. Anyway, try downloading picasa and then clicking 'blog this' for whatever photo you want to upload. Picasa automatically resizes for you and, so far, anyway, I haven't had any problems...
Here, my problems seem to be relating to finding an internet connection that will work with my flaky laptop connector cable... and not every place has wireless.
Great blogging! Keep up the good work and good luck with the vaulting inquiries!

dani said...

But we all know how much I can't stand picasa! There must be another way, which i will find...!

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