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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Not much to blog about today, but there was almost nothing, so at least now there is something ;)

We all slept in after our late night Korean BBQ feast, and then Hitomi made yummy bacon and eggs. The eggs here are cause for debate re: which eggs are scary - the pale yellow yokes of north america, or the crazy bright fluorescent yellow yokes of Japanese eggs. At first, I thought the yokes here looked like farm eggs at home, but after I examined it more closely, I think there was a definite glow, unnatural in the farm world... In any case, they were totally yummy, and since I still only have one head, that's all that really matters!

We then continued the Hawaii trip research project, and finally, at about 5pm headed out to Omotesando. Hitomi did a little bit of shoe shopping, and Pete and I headed to get a drink at Nathan's hot dogs. Unfortunately for Pete, the Omotesando Nathan's is no more, which is very sad!

We also checked out Sony Plaza, the full of completely useless yet strangely entertaining crap shop. They had several small tabletop 'crumb' vacuums in the shape of a pig or elephant or dog, a frying pan the size of a small coaster, and several other equally random items.

We then went to check out the absolutely gigantic Tokyo flagship Ralph Lauren store, which is based on the White House or something - its a pretty commanding building! Check out this article on the Ralph Lauren website for information about the store, plus some photos to give you an idea of what this 'mansion of fashion' looks like - pretty impressive!

Then, for a bit of contrast, we headed to Shakey's for dinner, and had some good ol' American Pizza. Randomly, however, one type of pizza (we got a mix of four styles on one pizza, like in four quadrants), had potatoes and mayonnaise on it! Anyway, it was basically exactly what you might imagine when someone tells you they are going to the pizza parlor, it's basically right out of central casting.

Anyway, we headed home a little while ago, and now Hitomi and Peter are FINALLY starting to catch up on season 2 of Desperate Housewives, so that we can move on to season three (thank goodness you can buy it on itunes episode by episode so I won't have to wait for the DVD in August to find out what happens!)

I'm going to work on my hardcopy scrapbook of this blog, and possibly take Vchan on an icecream run to the Circle K, if I have the energy....

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