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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Just got back from seeing Jordon's band, The Molets play at Wasted Time in Shibuya. Pete and I headed out there at about twenty to ten and caught the last couple of songs in the set before The Molets went on... We had no idea what to expect (well k, I didn't, but I don't think Pete knew too much about the band either), in the end, we got to see some very happy, entertaining twenty-somethings playing calypso (apparently) music.. When you closed your eyes in some of the songs, you could imagine yourself on a Caribbean island. Jordon is the resident trumpeteer, and as far as I could tell did a pretty good job of it :)

Tonight, we were lucky, because The Molets, who operate in a revolving door style, and never quite know who is going to play with them, had a special Sax guest. Apparently, the musician is quite famous and plays on TV occasionally. It was the second time they'd all played together, but it was pretty cool how well they all flowed around each other (having no musical skills whatsoever, I'm not really qualified to review with any sort of authority, or proper terminology) but anyway, I liked it :) They played a pretty short (but sweet ;) ) set for the headliners of the night, and I gather they were all reworked covers, though I wasn't really familiar with any of them originally, so I wasn't having to make any comparisons or anything ;) Of particular note was 'the alphabet song' "Spell it: M - O -L, M -O -L -E-T-S spells Molets", etc... (or something to that effect anyway)...combined with energetic, synchronized jumping by all the band members it was v. amusing!

I tried to get some sound bytes on my phone, but the quality is terrible when I play it back on the phone speakers, so hopefully it improves when I figure out how to get it onto the computer... the only other problem with that is I accidentally recorded onto the camera memory and not the memory stick in the camera, and I can't figure out how to pull stuff off the camera and into the computer yet... So photos for now, and possible music afterwards!
Of quick 'cultural' note, I'd forgotten how entertaining the taxis with the self opening back doors are to let you in and out!

If I can get some decent quality sound bites I'll definitely post them, but not sure how much luck I'll have with that...

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