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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Things I want to do in Japan (not nescessarily a complete list, but the things I can think of straight off the bat)

1. Go to the Apple store in Ginza (preferably, go again, and buy a MacBook Pro, 15.4", 1GB ram, 100GB HD, and a blue incase sleeve with a kensington lock). No, I don't visit the applestore online every day or two to drool. :p

2. Go to Akihabara and get a small, party-ish digital camera...possibly the red casio one

3. Stay in shape
3a) run with Venus
3b) do gymnastics
3c) get my oversplits

4) Read for a living

5) Go to Tokyo Hands

6) Backpack for two weeks

7) Go to Tokyo Disney/Tokyo Sea

8) Go to one of the amusement parks that recreates old fashioned (ie samurai period) Japanese towns

9) Learn some Japanese

10) Go to Super-Deluxe

11) Collect as many things from vending machines as possible

12) Explore; lots

13) Keep the blog vaguely up to date (Personally, I feel I'm actually doing OK at this, however its the length of time I'll be away which worries me)

mata ne-

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