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Thursday, October 26, 2006

So after sleeping off the Glitterball etc. from last night, Pete woke me up at 11:30 this morning, to let me know that there was a lunch @ Orbitune I was invited to - It was several people's birthday recently, so we had pizza and some very very yummy icecream cakes (and a good shortcake that came out later) to celebrate. Everyone surprised me with a welcome to Japan present - a very nice daytimer with some gorgeous photos from all around Japan. Thank You! It is from 2007 which works out nicely - my social calendar should be filling up by then ;)

Hung out at the office for a couple of hours - we tried to eat our way through the mountains of food and played with the dry ice from the icecream cake container (how cool is that, for like 20Y you can buy chunks of dry ice at Baskin Robbins) - I looooove dry ice, its so fun and bubbly!

We recapped the glitterball and all agreed Pete's costume was hilarious for the people there who knew Pete, Kong, or both. The other 990 or so people probably thought he was either Steven Spielberg or some variety of random dude...

Headed home after that and watched a little bit of LFTV.. Venus and I fell asleep watching Leno, just like Elli-blot and I do back home... (Blotty, I might have a V-chan over here, but I still miss you! Any humans reading this that might like to give him a treat from me are very much encouraged to do so!)

When I woke up, I got to work on my scrapbook the blog project, and got through the first few days, adding photos, postcards, tickets, and maps, etc. to the blog entries - it's turning into a pretty comprehensive log of my trip! I really, really, really want to keep it up! So far so good, let's hope I can make it to the 21 day mark (where something becomes a habit, I think)

Then just a quiet dinner at home for V. and me, it's 11:25 and we're still waiting for Pete to come home from work, he claims he's coming home soon, but he claimed that at 9pm as well, so we're not holding out too much hope ;). Anyway, a nice quiet day to blog, read the magazines I forgot I never read on the plane and hang out a bit at home...

Should have pictures of the lunch and of the party last night if/when Pete gets home with his camera....


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