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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Spent today walking around and exploring a little bit - took the train for the first time to Mejijingumae station, which was an adventure trying to figure out which train was actually mine - there were JR trains and Tokyo Metro trains all going in the same direction, and coming to the same platform, it was quite confusing! Finally got on the correct one, and headed a couple of stops down the line...

I ended up hiking around a bit, first going up and down Omotesando blvd. which is a very posh shopping street, including stores like Harry Winston, Dolce and Gabbana, Pucci, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Celine, etc.... I managed to find the begginings of my halloween costume though - a green and black flapper mini dress from a little vintage-y store called Santa Monica...

After that, I walked up through Yoyogi Koen (park) where part of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics was held, and ate the lunch I'd packed for myself there, it was very pleasant! Saw loooots of cute dogs - there are tons of them around here! Including one that was being pushed around in a baby carriage, and looked as if it had no interest in participating in the park whatsoever...

Then I kept walking and managed to find my way to Shibuya, where I looked through about half of Tokyo Hands, the absolutely crazy store of anything you might ever need in your home, Loft, which is like Tokyo Hands but a little bit more design-y (and has SUPER cheap fabric!), and found another cool clothing store which reminded me a bit of the Patch in Victoria, but huge! I scanned my first QR code there : ) (you take a picture of like a square barcode with your phone, and then it automatically points you to a website on your phone's browser...)

Also went into one park of Parko (i think that's the name anyway) which is like a posh department store with four different buildings in the same area! The part I was in had a lovely huge design book section - that's like the third one I've seen so far!

Finally, I got tired of hiking around, so I took the JR train up to Mejiro and walked to Pete's office from there - I managed to be just before the rush hour I think, so it was very busy, but not insane, except at Shibuya station, which is right beside one of those absolutely nutty all ways crossings, the ticket machines were down for about ten minutes which caused quite a backlog!!

Came back here from Orbitune at about 8ish, and had another quality North American meal - bacon imported from Canada, on bread from California, with a side dish of beans from the USA, washed down with some 'California cola from the USA'... I'm sure at some point I'll hit some japanese culture...really!

Just had a message from Victoria that my new pump arrived, so that's exciting, it should get to Japan in the next week or so I guess - I'm excited about the pump, and kind of freaked out about the sensors - that really didn't go so well for me last time!!!

Anyway, that's about it for today- I'll post photos of the day in the next post... Mom, since I know your reading this, I'll try and call you tommorow instead of replying to that big long email, I'm barely awake right now as it is lol - that whole jet lag thing is not treating me well I guess!

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