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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Yay photos and linking are back, so here's part two of the design festa/wedding party blog...

Of course, I'm still short on photos from Design Festa, b/c Peter borrowed my memory card adaptor thingy I use to get my keitai photos onto the computer, and I'm not sure where it went... Anyway, links though! - Design Festa, which took place at Tokyo Big Sight, a VERY cool/weird/space age building! It all felt a bit expo somehow, but it's pretty cool! We collected a few meishi from the people who stood out (at least that's how I collected), so I'll post links to their websites as well, a mini online design festa for all of you :)

David Wright Photography This guy was at the gaijinpot booth, and had done the photography for their calendars, I think... Very nice landscapes, etc. Brilliant colours, I was curious how much post production work he does on the computer, I don't think those were straight out of the camera! I didn't ask though...

Gaijinpot claims to be no.1 for foreigners in Japan. I'd heard of it before, but every time I go to the site, their servers are overloaded. Anyway, they gave us each a 'Japanese name for the day', and we were supposed to wear our name tags and then if we found someone with the same name, go back to the booth, and get a free t-shirt. We didn't see anyone else wearing tags, so we kind of moved them down to the bottom corner of our shirts and gave up, but it was a cute idea. I was 'Ayaka', which means 'colourful and fragrant', Jordon's name meant 'wing', I think, but I can't remember what it was in Japanese... something starting with T maybe?..., was a random booth with a person in a box, and the box had photos (including one of Jordon's friend Stephen), and writing and stuff on it. Uhdigage has two meanings in Korean - where are you going, and also it's their store in Korea. They wrote our name's for us in Korean which was pretty cool... On the stickers they gave us it says, : "Unconcerned acts; we try to focus on atypical things with consciousness the things that always stay with us but cannot be recognized by us. For instance, have you ever noticed 'third faces' of typical things on the street"? Ummm I'm not sure, have I? Anyway, very friendly girls, hope they had a successful festa!

- This woman had these incredibly multilevel greeting cards, where you looked through the hole in the front, and as you kind of stretched them out, multiple scenes appeared. She also had the little toys on the left, where you could kind of poke it and make it rock back and forth. She would demonstrate, and then mime doing sit ups, but I'm pretty sure they aren't workout penguins! She told us a story about them, which I understood all of one word of! Jordon figures maybe a traditional kids toy...

Karen Stuke - a German photographer represented by an online international gallery which had a booth there. Unfortunately, I didn't get the gallery card, just hers. She had some amazing photos of Sumo wrestling taking place in Germany, which really surprised me, I didn't think there was Sumo in Europe!

Todoroki Tomohiro
- cartoon illustrations of happy people in cars... Reminds me of illustrations I've seen before, but can't place them off the top of my head! - a plan beyond the time limit a collection of absolutely amazing, intricate claymation type models... About 8-12 inches tall, so much detail and personality, very cool!

So...there's just a tiny tiny tiny sampling of what Design Festa is all about!!!

Now, photos of the wedding party... Peter put up the entire album here, if you have lots of time on your hands (there's 100+), or were there and want to relive it :) I'll post a few up here as well though...

pulling the ribbons from the wedding bouquet (the Japanese alternative to tossing the bouquet...The person whose ribbon remains attached to the bouquet at the end claims it, in this case Nahoko from Orbitune...)
Mark and Yukiko play for the other Yukiko and Kevin... so much talent at this party!
improvisational jamming... I really have no idea how musicians can just pick a key and a style and go at it without making a complete meal of the whole thing... It's absolutely baffling (but very cool!) to me, but then again, I'm not musical in the slightest, so there you go!

The happy couple!

And there you go, lots more photos in that album if you want to check it out, gives you a good sense of the event!

D, who needs to leave the house now so I'll have something to blog about later, other than 'I woke up, watched ANTM, and blogged..' :)

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