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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Well Maggie sent me on a trip down memory lane today, starting a facebook group for 'the girls of GNS soccer old and new', and posting over a hundred photos of us through the years! There are even some from the 1998 soccer trip to Toronto (where I had no hair, and we found champion under the bushes, and some other stuff went on in bushes, and we were absolute shit the first day, but sorted it out for the rest of the tournament, and I was totally terrified of Hugh...ahh good times!)
Me dressed up as the Gryphon during the year GNS-SMUS hosted CAIS in Victoria, and GNS won (2001)... I've decided my wearing a mascot twelve sizes too big has a lot to do with their success!

Some sort of left foot cross... (look at all my hair!) I have a feeling this may be from the Southlands tournament we won when I was in grade 11 or 12 and pretending to go to GNS... We beat St. Ann's in shootouts (I had to take one I think) and Sasch and Toby came to watch the final game... I think that was the tournament where Carley got her ribs bruised or something when she was in net?

OK, enough reminiscing I suppose!

I got up the first time at 5am this morning when Mom miscalculated the time zones and called me to get me to email her some photos for the book, which I did, I don't think I was too coherent about the whole thing, though!

Got up properly at tenish, and went to Choco Cro, on Hitomi's suggestion (a good one!) which is the nearest bakery to us, just by the eki, to try and get some bread for breakfast. I ended up with a whole bunch of chocolate croissants, which is, funnily enough, what they're known for - some regular, one with bananas, just because it sounded intriguing, and a couple with hazelnut (soooooo good!). I also picked up some bread, and made french toast with bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

We didn't do too much of anything, watched a few episodes of the OC, read a little bit, etc... I also finished putting together the lesson for tomorrow, hopefully I got the level and timing about right! Eventually around sevenish, I needed to get out of the house (me and my cabin fever!), so I walked to the eki and got a drink at McDonalds, just for a change of scenery... I took my scrawled Japanese notes from Thursday and started re copying them to try and make some sense out of it, which I think I slowly am, but I really don't know how well it's going to go-we were talking about it later, and it's just so easy to not learn Japanese here, since it's pretty easy to get by with just a few words in day to day life...

Came home at 9ish I think, and we chatted a little bit about 'coming of age day', which is the day before my birthday this year (it's the second monday of the month, and this year, that's Jan. 8th) The whole country celebrates everyone who is about to turn twenty in the upcoming year, so I'll be renting a kimono, dressing up, going to Meiji Shrine, taking lots of photos I'm sure, etc. Should be pretty cool!

Hitomi made us a great dinner with pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn, asparagus and rice (basically anything any of us felt like eating all combined), and then we watched another OC (we're all caught up now to where they are in Japan, somewhere in season one or early season two I think), and then we started watching Lost in Translation again. Unfortunately, I fell asleep, so I kind of got out of sync with the story, and then I had to blog, so I've abandoned the movie, and I'll be watching it on my own one of these days!

Oh - I got mentioned on Marie's blog a few days ago, she liked my carrot picture, and I feel special :)

Teaching and then hopefully futsal (should be interesting/where is my touch!) tomorrow, and then our last week before Hawaii! Crazy!!!! We finally got our cruise tickets emailed to us since I phoned yesterday to find out where the hell they were, so that's good, maybe the paper docs will turn up in the mail at some point for scrapbooking purposes :) Can't wait :)


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