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Saturday, December 02, 2006

(I just realised that there is something wrong with blogger, so I can't post links or photos, sorry!)

This morning I met the family who I was introduced to by the woman I met at the Tokyo Writer's Day. They are from Saudi Arabia, and have two kids who are in grade three and six. I'll be helping with math (luckily just the vocab!), reading, socials, etc. Basically whatever they need help with... They were very nice, and the kids are very cute!

Got back home just before noon, and then after hockey was over I convinced Peter that we should go back to West Park Cafe (the cafe behind the station), for brunch. He's been telling me how good it is, and I wanted to see for my self (and was craving eggs!), it was pretty delicious - Peter got eggs benedict and I had a garden vegetable omelet. We were sitting beside two gaijin girls in their mid twenties, and they were having a pretty hilarious conversation...

One particular topic of interest was a story of how the one girl, some kind of journalist, had gone to an Onsen spa, where the owner was particularly proud to show her the special foot bath they have where small live fish eat the dead skin off your toes as you 'relax'! She was pretty horrified by the whole prospect, and I'm not going to lie - fish creep me out, so I wasn't exactly about to jump in and defend the process! People have the greatest conversations sometimes!

We came back at fourish and then I settled down to read some more of 'The Time Traveller's Wife', which is very weird, but I like it, it's a handy literary device that the author has come up with - if you come up with a competely implausable subplot (and base the laws of your world around that) within a book largely based in a realistic world, you can do whatever the hell you want and it will all, somehow, make some sort of sense... Handy!

However, I haven't been getting much sleep lately as a result of this stupid sensor on my pump (I got off the correct timing for calibrating, so it will wake me up at 5 am demanding bloodtests, after having (not nescesarrily correctly) told me a few times that I need insulin (plus now I just anticipate it, so I think I'm waking up imagining it vibrating too!)... V. frustrating, but I'm giving it more time for us to get used to each other! (and I'm starting to like it more during the day, even though its definitely not as accurate as I would have thought!)

The upshot is I ended up crashing for a nap with the venuppi puppy for a couple of hours this afternoon while Peter went to get more storage solutions for his closet. He has an insane amount of clothing!

After I dragged myself out of bed (why are naps so much better at the beginning than the end?) I worked on Mom's website for awhile (Mom we need to start talking about that, I'm running out of material to shove in), while Peter put together his shelves and cupboards and stuff... Then I made us some pasta with garlic bread for dinner (yum!) and we watched a few episodes of season six of Friends. Unfortunatly, for some reason, this is the last disc that Peter needs to watch, as, inexplicably, he watched the series in this order: seasons: 7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4(where I started watching),5,and now 6. Since 4-6 are the only series I'd basically seen in their entirety, I guess I'll be going back around now as well :)

And that's about it - I'm starting to wonder if I should only be blogging the days where something interesting happens, but I'm a little bit worried that that's a slippery slope of procrastinating to the point of barely blogging, which I don't nescessarily want - let me know what you think, and if you do only want the 'interesting' days, what counts as interesting?!

Luckily, tomorrow is a double header of good stuff, hopefully the photo/linking/spell checking capabilities will be back up by then!



Anonymous said...

The fish were worth the blog

Anonymous said...

I can't start my day without reading your blog! I loved the bit about the nibbling fish... ewwwwww!

Hitomi :) said...

Hey, check this out!! (unfortunately it's in Japanese but you can see the pic!)

I've seen this ad somewhere before...
It says, "there will be 1,000 or more fish in the tub (5mx5m), it's rather tickling when they eat your skin (ew!) because fish doesn't have any tooth....)

There is a well-known big spa amusument park in Hakone (I've been there once, long time ago). They have this "Dr. Fish Spa" as special feture until the end of Dec. (they have English site)

Just to let you know, this is NOT Japanese tradition but Turkish. Interesting.....wanna try???? :)

Diane said...

I love reading your blog - it's one of the first things I do when I turn on my computer in the mornings here in boring Winlaw, compared to Toyko, that is! Have fun in Hawaii - I'm so envious! I'm looking forward to reading about your Hawaiian adventures, too - I hope you find a bit of time for an occasional post. I suggested to your mom that she pack an extra suitcase full of books for you to take back to Toyko. And If you run out, I'll gladly pack a bag for you myself and deliver it in person!