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Monday, December 04, 2006

So after getting all of that blogging over with today, watching my weekly two hours of Canadian TV, and deciding/realising it was too late to get to anything (and by too late, I mean at least partly too lazy!), I still needed something to blog for today!

I'd thought today was going to be easy, since we'd kind of planned to go to foo fighters...which incidentally requires purchasing tickets...before the day of the show...(shades of RENT!) so that didn't happen, which is fine, there's SO much going on here it's not like we won't make it to another concert, but it did however leave me eight hours from deadline with about 10 inches of copy to find!

When in doubt, make a cake.

I grabbed my favourite carrot cake recipe from allrecipes. com, and then headed off to Sasazuka with the bike to pick up the necessary supplies, Peter isn't so well stocked for baking! There were some adventures in the grocery store, for instance, I couldn't find baking soda ANYWHERE, although I found baking powder several times over (does it even exist here, and if so, how's it packaged?)... I also ran into some problems when trying to buy enough carrots for six cups without spending Y700+ in the process (solution: stop at the fruit and veggie store on the way home!).
(yes, these are individually peeled and wrapped carrots...omiyage for the easter bunny?)

Anyway, I got home and made the carrot cake, and even made icing from scratch, since you can't buy pre made icing here because of some chemical (and it was really good, I love cream cheese icing!) Anyway, I was a little bit worried because I had to fudge the soda/powder issue, and the vanilla looked weird, but it baked nicely, and so I just took it out to cool, planning to ice it later, and then send part of it to Orbitune tomorrow (I really don't need to be eating that much carrot cake!)

Around then, Peter came home, we ordered pizza from pizza hut (sooo good - deep dish crust mmmmm! *it should be good for 3x the price of home!*) and then watched the final episodes of season six of Friends (when Monica and Chandler get engaged, right up there in my favourite episodes, its so cute!)

Anyway, iced the cake and tested it, and it was fine... not quite as good as usual, but still tasty. It seems like a) sugar here is less sweet, and b) carrots have no taste whatsoever! 6+ cups of shredded carrots went into the cake, and you couldn't taste them (and also probably contributed to the sweetness issue)... It was weird, but I was stuffed from the pizza, as was Peter, so we didn't really give it a proper taste, I just had a tiny sliver, and decided to wait and see what I thought about it in a couple of hours...

... And then went upstairs to check my email, after asking-

"Peter, should I move this cake so Venus doesn't eat it?"
"Oh no," the proud daddy replied confidently, "she doesn't really steal things like that"

Well it sounded suspicious to me too, but I was only gone for a second, just enough time to skim one email, (that's what they all say!) and when I came back downstairs, there was a very happy venuppi puppi, and a very unhappy carrot cake, icing side down, on the carpet runner in the kitchen. V's Daddy was summoned to carry out the discipline, and I recorded the carnage for all to see...
She'd started eating it on the counter I think, and then pulled it down onto the carpet. From the eating pattern, and the way she just kind of scraped her teeth along the top, its almost like she knew it was bad, and just couldn't help herself (or preferred the icing to the cake!)

With the entire day thus rendered basically accomplishment free, and V. properly embarrassed, we decided to cheer up by watching Spinal Tap, (or here) for, I'm embarrassed to admit, my first time! I can't believe I haven't seen it before, soooooo funny! Definitely a movie I'm going to be watching a couple of times!

Anyway, lucky for Venus, the cake had it's flaws, so all is forgiven... Besides, I have a horrible tendency to get uncontrollable giggles when other people are getting in trouble, even though I don't necessarily find the situation funny (this did NOT make me popular among teachers!) and laughing uncontrollably makes it hard to be mad (maybe why I can never hold a grudge past the two minute mark?) So yea, I don't really care, but it kinda sucked at the time!

Hopefully I'll be a little more productive (and V less destructive) tomorrow!


PS - Happy 20th Andee!

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Anonymous said...

I feel special being mentioned in your blog. :) Thank you, Dani!!

Sorry your cake crashed and burned, but if it makes you feel any better, I kicked exam a$$ today, at least on one of them! ;) ~Andee