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Friday, December 22, 2006

Oh my goodness, finally back online! I won't post too much about today right now, because a) there is tons of new stuff to read, and b) that would get me all out of sync. Mom and I took the free shuttle to a big local mall (we needed a beach/tour break and tomorrow is another full on Maui day *surfing!!*), and are cooling off in a Starbucks with a Tmobile hotspot (its actually fairly crappy but that's ok, much better than the ship!) connection... Just posting the blog, checking emails, etc before heading back to the ship - most people are at the Luau tonight, so we're hopeful we can get into Anna's section without a reservation for five, especially since it may just be Mom and Me tonight - Grampa and Peter are partying it up in Lahaina, 11 miles from the ship.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading all your catch ups; I've been on everyday hoping you had an update.

Stay safe, have fun, and do NOT forget my dolphin pictures!!!!

Luv Andee