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Monday, December 11, 2006

Post # 90! I'm accidentally writing a book over here!

Watched the finale of ANTM today, the not so annoying girl won, very important! I also spent some of the morning talking to Grampa (being the good grandchild and calling home for his birthday and all that :) ) Glad to hear that his reentry Visa getting was as successful as mine, so it looks like we're all going to be present and accounted for in Hawaii next week! I can't believe it's so soon!

Since that started to sink in, of course I had to do some online reading/research/shore ex planning, etc... Love researching stuff like this - its so many bonus hours of cruise enjoyment!!!

At twoish, I walked to Shibuya, kind of randomly, since I had no destination. (OK, so in my guidebook, I'd seen the TEPCO electric museum listing, but a forty minute walk does a lot to convince you of the utter lameness of going to a museum which suggests 'let's make electricity fun!') So anyway, it was a gorgeous day and stretching my legs (which are protesting after the futsal yesterday!) was great despite the not so organizedness of it all. I did end up listening to a couple of podcasts though... I ended up looping through Shibuya and then walking across to the Wendy's on Omotesando for a salad (not so good as in North America!), and a couple of hours of studying Japanese... I finally finished recopying my notes from class last week, and making sense of most of it... Whether or not anything is sinking in is another story entirely, but at least I feel like I'm making an effort!

I also learned something very interesting reading one of Peter's 'how to learn Japanese efficiently' books - that katakana loan words aren't necessarily just a syllabalised version of an English word, which is what I thought - no wonder I was reading words and still not having a clue what they meant - I thought I was reading the katakana wrong (and yea, probably that too since I definitely don't know it all), but there are pretty tenuous links between some of those English origins and their katakana equivalents!

Came home at 6:30ish, and found out from Peter that I have an interview with the Being a Broad office on Wednesday, which is pretty exciting, hopefully that all goes well and will be something for the New Year!

Then, Venuppi and I settled in for some more Sex and the City (season six part 1, yes I know this order makes little sense, but I wanted to watch more, so whatcha gonna do?) Did a little bit more Japanese note organizing while I was watching, and then after Peter let me know he was going to be late, made spinach and feta ravioli for dinner (so good, I love Costco!)... V and I ended up gorging on two discs of Sex and the City before Peter made it home just before midnight... Just writing this and then heading back downstairs to watch Friends... I think I smell burnt popcorn (yum?).

Tomorrow I teach twice, and the rest of the week is slowly filling up with stuff which is nice, gotta keep the blog fed!


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