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Friday, December 29, 2006

Breakfast in the Wailana Coffee Shop again today, and then middayish we headed up to the North Shore to check out the bigger surf up there. It was pretty amazing! The surf wasn’t super huge but it was the biggest we’ve seen and there were a few people attempting to surf in what looked like pretty messy surf.

We went to Waimea Beach park and watched a few people do a lot of waiting for surf but not so much surfing, and then drove back to Haleiwa which is a really cute little town! We went to this little shopping area and looked in at the free surf museum which was pretty cute, and entertaining because just about everything was for sale! I bought a ring which was part of the ‘recycled jewelry’ display – everything they had for sale was found in and around the beaches of Oahu, which is a bit weird but a bit cool all at once. I really want to know some of the stories behind some of the jewelry!

They also had some pretty interesting articles, surfboards, photos, etc. They had one surfboard that had a motor built into it – it was first used as a rescue board and was a precursor to the jet ski. Incidentally, we saw a jetski rescue truck racing down the highway when we were at the beach, but it continued past us so we don’t know what happened – hopefully they managed to rescue whomever was having issue in the (crazy powerful) surf.

We didn’t have time for lunch up there, as we were trying to get photos of cows before we lots the light for Mom’s ‘Behind the Scenes at the Ranch’ book, so we just grabbed coffees at this funky little coffee shop. My ‘milkyway mocha’ was delicious, but they were sooo ineffiecnt it was funny – two 15 ish year old girls who were having tons of fun but not getting too much done, it was a bit ridiculous!

We stopped at another lookout to get some more surf photos and found a guy who has this crazy contraption – a 1968 VW bug which is being pulled around the US by a big motor bike. The whole thing is painted with the American flag, and he’s taken it to all fifty states, over one year and nine months. I got my picture taken sitting on it- it’s pretty comfortable!

We headed back to Waikiki stopping at the Kualoa ranch for a little bit just before they closed – I think Mom and I might be trying to go for a ride there before we go so that she can get photos for her book (I’m just the hanger on cum assistant). We got back to the hotel around 6:30, and just hung out for awhile. I got to say hi to Britt on MSN – congratulations to them for their new horse purchase! Danny is a Halflinger formerly owned by some people that I vaguely know through vaulting, and he himself can be used for vaulting (I’m so jealous! He’s a total cutie too!)

At 7:30 we were shocked by the loud booming noises, which turned out to be the Hilton Hawaiian Village’s weekly fireworks next door, so we looked out our big sliding glass doors to watch them, and then walked down to Koa’s for some amazing Thai food – very very good! We walked back along the beach and through the Hilton Hawaiian Village which is a 22 acre resort that’s pretty impressive! Back to the hotel at 11:30, and just blogging/watching ellen/reading etc... Just two more days with all of us here, so we have to b efficient in the next couple of days, and need our sleep to prepare!


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