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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Got up mid morning and just hung out chatting with Andee, researching business card concepts, playing a typography/kerning game (I was surprised it existed too!) etc. until about 12:30. Then, since we had basically no food, I took the bike on a desperation trip down to Sasazuka to get a few last minute things to tide us over until we leave on Saturday...

Got back and ate lunch (big bowl of cup noodle and pot stickers from the deli), and then walked down to Shibuya in the rain (it's been VERY west coast weather today!) to teach at three. I got down there a little bit early, so I went into KAMO, which is this AMAZING four story soccer shop. They have so much amazing stuff in there! The cleats area is really cool, because it is all AstroTurf, so you can actually try out knocking a ball around a bit. They have a huge selection of stuff, and so much team branded clothing etc, it's amazing! The stairwell is also really cool because its like a little museum with signed boots, jerseys, posters, etc. There's a big Michael Owen display (swoon), and basically all the key players in European soccer are represented in their displays.

Anyway, taught my conversational lesson from 3-4:15ish, and then headed down to Tower Records to pick up the Weekender. Unfortunately, they were out, so I headed down to Shibuya station to go to Roppongi for my second lesson of the day at 5:30. I was basically figuring I'd just look around Roppongi Hills in the extra time I was planning on having, but instead, I managed to spend that extra time by getting on the wrong line, in the wrong direction no less from Shibuya! In my defense, it's one of those weird lines that kind of changes from Shibuya (in one direction its the Hanzomon line, and in the other direction its called something completely different... Very confusing!) By the time I got turned around, etc. I ended up getting to their house at exactly the correct time, which was handy!

We worked on some spelling (ha, lucky I was just testing him!), and did my Olivia activities and some basic grammar homework... The English language is bloody bizarre! On the way back to the station, I ate the bento I'd gotten grocery shopping earlier today, and then headed back to Yoyogi Uehara. Since I'd hijacked Peter's computer today (sooo purdy!), and needed to work on Karen's business cards, I stopped at the station McDonalds and got a thimbleful of diet coke in exchange for my Y100. Worked there for about an hour, and finally decided on a direction to pursue with the design.

Walked home, and spent four episodes of Sex and the City (finished season six now) working on the business cards, and now have a solid start on the design! Now I'm just watching the first episode of Corner Gas, and waiting for Peter to get home from his meeting... Tomorrow I have that interview, and then we're going to the Canadian Embassy to watch the Rocket Richard movie...


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